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Introduction :

Complaint letter significance in English :- 

Complaint letter is the one who is dissatisfied with the service or you have any problem which you want to address by giving a letter to the officials, this type of letter is called complaint letter. Complaint letter is such a letter that you can easily write on any subject. For this, first of all, you should have such a topic on which you can write a complaint related letter to a person. 

Some people think that writing a letter in English is difficult or its format changes, but it is not as if a letter is written in other languages, a letter is also written in English in the same format. You will easily know from the example given in this article how you can write a complaint letter on any subject in English very easily. In this, you have to write your complaint politely with great care.

Here we will tell you about a very common topic which is the use of loudspeakers at night by writing a complaint letter. Instead of this, you can take any of your subjects like complaint letter for spreading dirt, complaint letter for inconvenience of water, complaint letter for theft etc. So in this way there can be many topics on which complaint letter can be written.
Today in this article, we will see how to write a complaint letter, and we will see on what topics we can write a complaint letter with examples. 
Complaint Letter
Complaint Letter

How to write complaint letter 

To write a complaint letter, you can start with the sender's address followed by the date, recipient's address, subject, salutation, body of the letter, supplementary closing, signature and name in capital letters.

Return address
receiver's address
Sir/Madam, (Greetings)
[The body of the letter stating the reason for your letter and complaint.]
Thank you
Yours sincerely, (complimentary closing)
name in block letters

Complaint letter sample in English Examples

Many examples of complaint letters are given below, seeing these you can write your own complaint letter. If you are a student, then by looking at the examples of all these complaint letters, all kinds of complaint application in English-complaint letter related questions can be answered. You can answer very easily.

Sample 1 :- Complaint Letter for water 

Chief Engineer,
West Bengal Municipal Corporation

Subject:- Letter for water problem

Sir ,
It is a humble request that my name is Raj Sharma, I am a resident of Shanti Palli Ward 4 of Durgapur, water is not coming every day in the taps of our locality, installed by the Municipality! Due to which we are facing a lot of trouble for drinking water.
The only source of drinking water in our locality is the municipal tap. That's why it is having a lot of impact in our daily life as well.
Therefore, you are requested to distribute water every day and please fix our problem as soon as possible. We will continuously be thankful to you for this work.

Thank you
Date 06/09/2021 Applicant
Name Raj Sharma
Address ________
meter number____
User Number___

Sample 2 :- Complaint Letter for ATM cash not Received 

Mr. Branch Manager,
(Enter your bank name)
(Write the address of the bank),

Date : __________


Subject: Application for failed ATM transaction.
I humbly request that I have an account with your branch whose serial number is __________ (Account Number). From this account, I did a transaction of Rs __________ /- through ATM card but I did not get the money due to ATM machine failure. But my account got debited Rs. The details are written below.

Account Number : __________
Name : __________
Transaction Date : __________
ATM Bank Name :__________
Amount : __________
ATM Location Name : __________
You are requested to credit __________ /- in my account at the earliest.
It will be so kind of you.

Thank you

Name: __________
Address: __________
Account Number: __________
Mobile no: ___________
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Sample 3 :- Street light not working Complaint letter 

MLA or Ward Councilor Sir/Madam,
Ward No. 5, Agra Municipal Corporation,

Subject: Regarding new/defunct street lights.

I am Vivek Gupta, resident of Ward No. 5. I need to illuminate you that practically all the streetlamps in my ward are either deficient or broken. This multitude of lights are exceptionally old and have not been changed for a long time. Due to the failure of the street lights, the entire streets remain dark. Due to which the incidents of theft and other crimes have increased in our area. Not only this, due to the darkness there is also a fear of people falling or getting hurt.
So I request you to kindly get the broken or faulty street lights of our bard fixed so that no untoward incidents happen in future. Hope you pay attention to our prayers and try to get these lights fixed soon. We all residents of Ward No. 5 will always be grateful to you for this.

Thank you,
Vivek Gupta And Ors.
Sai Market,

Sample 4 :- Police Complaint Letter 

Station Incharge,
Navada Police Station,
Rani Nagar-2
Subject: Intimation of loss of original document.

My name is Faheem Biswas, I am a resident of Beldanga forest, Murshidabad district. I went shopping in Baharampur metro market at 4 pm today.
There was no parking zone in front of the shopping mall so I left my bike outside. After shopping, I can't find my bike anymore.
I asked many people outside to find many shopkeepers but they could not tell. My bike is just single year old.
Other details of my bike are:-
The company of the bike is – Bajaj
Bike model is- Pulsar 150 cc
Colour: Red
Registration Number – XXXXXXXXXX
Trust you will make a fundamental move at the earliest.

kind regards
Anil Saha
Date: 16/09/2021
Complaint Letter sample
Complaint Letter example

Sample 5 :- SP office complaint letter

Mr. Superintendent of Police
Enter the name of the police station
(write full address)

Subject- Regarding the complaint of repeated threats by the domineering neighbor


I humbly request that my name………..address……(insert your full address) resident of my neighborhood………(insert name and father’s name) has been subjected to many mental abuses on the coming days. He keeps on abusing, because of which it has become difficult for me to live at my own house, abusing by him has become a common thing, without any reason, he continues to come to my home and continues to undermine me, in view of which my entire family is terrified.

The domineering neighbor repeatedly threatens outside the house by drinking alcohol and calling some of his drunken friends, talks about killing me when I speak, because of this my whole family is living in the shadow of fear. I am very concerned about the safety of my family, please take the appropriate action while providing security to my family. Please do help us.

Thank you
Name of applicant
full address

witness's signature

Sample 6 :- Complaint Letter for Electricity 

In service,
mr chief engineer
(Name of the Electricity Department)
(Name of city and district, state)

Subject – Complaint letter on excess electricity bill


It is a humble request that my name is Ramprasad, and I am a resident of Jaipur, I want to inform you through this complaint letter that my electricity bill has come very high this time. The primary justification for this could likewise be because of some specialized shortcoming. Because the electricity meter installed at our house is currently showing the reading of 400 units of electricity consumption. But 650 units are coming in the electricity bill issued by your department.

So, sir, I request you to kindly rectify our electricity bill as soon as possible, so that we can pay the electricity bill on time without paying any extra charges.

kind regards !
Yours faithfully
Name -
meter number
Address -
Mobile Number –
Signature -
Date -

Sample 7 :- Cyber Crime Complaint Letter 

Police Officer,
[name of local police station],
[Name of district],

Subject: Complaint letter for Cyber Crime.

Dear Sir / Madam,

I want to inform you that I am a regular internet user. So, last night when I was checking my email I saw a mail from the bank informing me to complete the KYC of my bank account.

After that, when I click on it and fill my bank details, I see that Rs. 5000 rupees were withdrawn from my account. Then I realized that I have been cheated.

So I request you to take strict action against this fraud perpetrated on me and report it to your cyber crime department.

Thanks in advance for your efforts.

[mobile number],
[your bank account details]


A protest letter is a viable method for settling issues connected with a terrible item or unfortunate client care insight. The right letter has the power to get proper attention and effective results. The complaint letter is also the basis for future legal action, if necessary.

People who take the time to show a complaint letter want to solve the problem without complaining. Allowing the company to fix the situation may resolve any complicated feelings.

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