Short Resignation Letter | Short Resign Letter


Friends, if we write a design letter. So we should know more about all the things about the design letter.
If for some reason we need to resign from the job. So we have to give the design letter to our company or our office. This is the reason why the design letter is called resignation letter in Hindi. And nowadays you have to resign before leaving the job in every office.
Its time period is also different in all different offices. If you have given a design letter in the office to leave your job. So according to the time period of Resign Letter, you have to work in the office as before. And there is also a time limit for submitting the resignation letter in each of the offices. So you should submit your resignation within this limit.

Short Resignation Letter

Short Resignation Letter
Short Resignation Letter 

what is a Resign letter

How to Write Resign Letter – With more information about Resign Letter, now we will tell you this. What is a Resign letter? Friends, a Resign letter is a resignation letter. Under which if any company fires you from the job. Or for any reason or for your betterment, you have to leave the job yourself. So you have to give a Resign letter to the company. Giving Resign Letter is good for both the company and you.

We all know about the Resign letter. And many employed people are also like this. Those who have also seen the Resign Letter. And also written as well. But along with these there are many people like this. Those who know the resign letter. But Resign Letter is known by what other names. They don't know. If you also do not know this. So there is nothing to worry, today we will also tell you this in our article. By what name is the resign letter known?

So let us tell you that Resign Letter is an English word. This is also called Resignation Letter. Many people also call it resignation letter. And you can also call the resignation letter as resignation. So now you know by what name the Resign Letter is known.

How to prepare Resignation Letter

Now let us talk about how to prepare Resignation Letter (How to write Resignation Letter). When it comes to preparing the resignation letter. So we should keep in mind that the Resignation Letter should be prepared very conveniently. We should not be in any hurry while writing this letter. Prepare this letter with full tenderness. Do not write unnecessary things in this letter at all. Write the letter very nicely and clearly. While preparing Resignation Letter, you should write in this letter that

Ever since I started working in this company. And till now I have gained a lot of experience in this company. And by working in this company, I have also fulfilled my dream. And this is what I am taking with me when I leave this company today. I wish to God that this company will progress a lot in future also and reached the summit.

Therefore, my request to you is as follows. That you from my ————(name of the position)

Please accept the resignation letter from —————(date).

You will be greatly blessed. / You will have great mercy.

Thank you

Things to keep in mind while writing resignation letter

The following points should be kept in mind while writing a resignation letter:-

1. Language should be used in the right way.

2. Language should be gentle and decency.

3. If you are writing a resignation letter for a job. So the letter should be clear about the same.

4. Write your details properly in the letter like – your name, reason for leaving the job and date of leaving the company etc.

5. And after that put the date on which you resigned.

6. Now put your signature below.

Resignation letter to resign from job

Resignation letter


Dear Manager,

It is humbly requested that I Kenneth Gonsalves (insert your name) is working as an Software engineer in your company. Because there is no good school in my village. I have to go far away from my village for the education of my children. Because of this I am unable to come to work everyday. That's why I want to resign from my job. Because it is very important to leave my village. For this reason I have to write this resignation letter. I am working in your company for the last five years. I got to learn a lot in these five years. Therefore, you are requested to accept my resignation.

You will be greatly blessed.

Your confidant - Kenneth Gonsalves 

Designation – Software Engineer




How to write resignation letter without giving reason


HR manager

PQR Private Limited

New Delhi

Subject – Regarding resignation from the job


Through this letter, I would like to inform you that I am resigning from the post of Area Manager of your company with effect from 1st April, 2020. I am giving notice period of 1 month as per company policy.

Let's request you to kindly accept my resignation and take further action. Thank you for all your support in the last 3 years. I wish you all the best for the continued success of the company.

Your trusted

Arun Kumar

Area manager

PQR Private Limited

New Delhi

dated 01/03/22


Simple short Resign letter
Short Resign Letter

How to write resignation letter for resigning from teacher job due to personal reasons 


Mr principal

ABCD School


Subject – Regarding resignation from the job

Sir Principal I want to inform you through resignation letter that I have decided to resign from the post of school teacher due to personal reasons I want to be relieved from my services by 1st June 2020 I as per school policy Giving notice period of 1 month.

Therefore, you are requested to kindly accept my resignation letter and release me from work. Thank you for your continuous support throughout my studies. I wish you all the best for the continued success of your school.

Your trusted

D.K Verma


ABCD School


Dated 01/05/22



What is resignation letter?

If you are doing your own job and you have to leave that job for some reason, then you have to write a letter to leave the job from that post, in that letter you have to tell the reason for leaving the job that you want to leave the job for some reason. That is called the resign letter.


Friends, today we have provided information related to how to write a resignation letter to you through our article and apart from this, we have also given 4 examples through which you can resign in different departments, you must have liked this important information. To get such information, stay connected with our website. Thank you very much for reading our article till the end.

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