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Today in this article, we will learn Apology letter in English i.e. how to write an apology letter for mistake, that too with more than 20 apology letters in English format. And anyway it is also important to know what is Apology letter in English, when and why it can be written.

We can write an apology letter for mistake professionally in school, college or in any government office or company. We can also personally write an apology letter to our family, relatives and friends for the mistake.

Apologizing for any mistake is considered good. It helps in mending broken bonds and improving business relations. As the name suggests, an apology letter is written to apologize to someone for his mistake.

To mend broken or strained relationships between people, apology letters can be useful. It is important to draft an apology letter accurately and professionally because it becomes a permanent record of an incident and the resulting response to it. The tone and language of an apology letter should always be formal.

Apology Letter | Apology Letter Format

Apology Letter
Apology Format

How to write apology letter in English -

An apology letter is a written document or e-mail form that acknowledges an error, mistake, misunderstanding, or misconduct and requests forgiveness or forbearance. The purpose of writing an apology letter is to mend broken relationships and trust between two people such as friends, employees, employers, clients, customers, spouses, lovers and girlfriends.

One of the most difficult problems when writing an apology letter is deciding which words to use. Make sure to write the apology letter in a polite tone.

What to include in an apology letter

There is a basic four-part process you can follow when writing an informal apology to a friend or family member or a formal apology to a colleague or client.

  1. You must first explain why you are sending the letter, and to do so, you must first apologize.
  2. You must take full responsibility for your mistake. Accepting responsibility involves admitting that you were wrong. Demonstrate empathy for the individual by demonstrating that you realize why your actions or words were inappropriate or hurtful.
  3. You will also explain what you did and why you did it on purpose or by accident.
  4. Finally, convince the other party that this mistake will not happen again.
  5. Guidelines for Writing an Apology Letter
  6. Be honest and don't be afraid to apologize. Sincerity is essential in an apology, so make sure your letter expresses genuine regret.
  7. Since an apology letter is a formal document, make sure the tone and content are formal.
  8. Take responsibility for the incident and apologize.
  9. If required, provide event details. However, don't try to justify yourself.
  10. Provide a solution or action plan for the error.
  11. Finish defending your word to prove to others that your forgiveness is genuine. This way you can also show your credibility.
  12. Consult a legal professional, if necessary, before requesting an apology.

Apology letter Format

Sender Address


Recipient's address

Subject: Apology letter for __________


Content of the letter: Begin with an apology, accept responsibility for the incident, explain the situation if necessary, explain the steps taken to correct the wrongdoing, and assure the recipient that such an incident will not happen again.

Free completion

Sender Name

Signature of Sender

Sample 1 – A Formal Apology Letter for Bad Behavior

Sam Fernandez

XYZ International School


April 5, 2022

Mrs. Mary Joel

XYZ International School


Subject: Letter of apology for bad behavior
Dear Ms Mary,

With all due respect and humble submission, I would like to sincerely apologize for my harsh behavior in class. I am sorry for my behavior and consequences. I didn't mean to insult you in any way, I didn't want to ruin the mood of the class, and now I see that my behavior was completely wrong and disrespectful.

I will ensure that such an incident does not happen in the future. Your effort to impart knowledge to us is incredibly inspiring. I hope you will forgive me for my actions and allow me to continue to learn and grow under your supervision.

yours truly,

Sam Fernandez

Sample 2 - Letter of apology for wrong delivery of products


ABC Clothing

High Street Phoenix

Delhi – 46

November 23, 2021

Karan Sharma

5th Avenue, MGM Road

Delhi – 42

Subject: Apology for delivery of wrong products

Respected sir,

In response to your query on (date), we respectfully apologize for the incorrect delivery from our end of the products you ordered from our website on (date). Firstly, we apologize for any inconvenience caused by our error. We will replace the faulty goods once you return them to us (at the address specified above). We would also like to express our apologies by providing you with a coupon code (coupon code number) that you can use on your future purchases. We anticipate a long and productive organization with you.

Please bear with me for a while. Assuming that you have any further different kinds of feedback, kindly reach us by telephone or email.

Once again we apologize if this has caused you any inconvenience.


yours truly,

Designation, Name and Signature

Name of the company

Sorry Letter
Sorry Letter

Sample 3 - Apology letter for delay in submission of report

Viraj Desai

XYZ Company

Sales Representative


June 1, 2022

Mr. Cameron

XYZ Company

Senior Sales Manager


Subject: Apology for delay in submission of project report

Dear Mr. Cameron,

I deeply regret that I failed to meet the deadline for submission of project report. I take full responsibility for my actions and the difficulties that result.

The full project report was supposed to be completed by June 1, 2022, which I failed to meet. I am taking this very seriously and working day and night to complete and submit the project report by June 3, 2022. I promise to make every effort to make this endeavor a success. Thank you once again for the opportunity to collaborate on this project.

yours truly,

Viraj Desai

Sample 4:- Formal letter of apology for delivery of damaged products

45c, The Throttlers

Big Bazaar Street


Kochi – 682019



10/227, Jagatala Road


Ooty - 643002

Subject: Apology for delivery of damaged goods

Respected sir,

I have been informed that the LED indicators you purchased are not working properly. You mentioned that there is a problem with the wiring connection. We apologize for the inconvenience. Once you return it to us (at the above mentioned address), we can exchange it for you as soon as possible.


yours truly,


Firoz Shah

Sample 5 :- Official letter of apology for delay in delivery of garments


Senta Clothing Company


Tirupur – 642122



Prague Square Boutique

D Nagar

Chennai - 600025

Subject: Apology for delay in delivery of clothes

Respected sir,

Due to the current covid situation, we would like to inform you that the products you ordered on 24th December 2021 are still in transit. We understand that this is a big inconvenience for you. We do our best to eliminate all delays and deliver products to our customers quickly.

We ask that you kindly understand the unlikely situation and bear with us while we resolve these issues. We ensure delivery of your goods by 10th January 2022. We value your relationship with us and will ensure that such a situation does not occur in the future. We sincerely apologize for the delay and hope you will continue to partner with us.

Much thanks to you ahead of time for your benevolent comprehension and participation.
yours truly,




Sample 6 :- Apology mail form for failure to mark attendance

Recipient Email Address: name.name123@email.com

Subject: Apologies for failing to mark attendance

Respected sir,

I am Stanley Rosario, working as a software developer in your esteemed company. I had a problem with my internet connection today so I could not mark my attendance online today (11/01/2022). I had informed my reporting manager and completed all the projects assigned to me yesterday.

I would like to sincerely apologize for not marking my visit on 11/01/2022 and request you to accept my apology and do the needful.


yours truly,

Stanley Rosario

Software developer


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is an apology letter?

Answer :-  In an expression of remorse letter, the shipper keeps in touch with the beneficiary to apologize for the previous' bad behaviors perpetually. The ultimate purpose of an apology letter is to restore the lost trust of the relationship.

Q2. What are a few ideas for composing an expression of apology letter?

Answer :-  Focus on the recipient's feelings and experience when writing a meaningful apology letter. Try not to utilize the letter to legitimize yourself or your perspective. You can do this by composing an unmistakable and brief expression of remorse for the particular infringement and recognizing your job in the circumstance. Then, explain how you want to avoid repeating old mistakes in the future.

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