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Friends, today we have told about how to write an application to the District Magistrate. Friends, often there are some such problems and complaints which are not resolved by their respective departments, then we have to go to the District Collector with this complaint.

But the complaint has to be given in writing to the District Magistrate, for that we have given an example of how to write an application and along with it some complaint and problem letters have been written as examples.

The District Magistrate listens to the problems of the whole district, he is above all the departments, all the work can be done on his orders, so the troubled public can tell his problems directly to him and expect the solution as soon as possible.

How to write application to DM?

The full form of DM is District Magistrate. Who are called District Magistrates. A letter has to be written to the District Magistrate to complain against an employee for being harassed by any person around the village or in that district. So that legal action can be taken regarding that matter.

On this page, I will teach you how to write an application letter on two issues, seeing which you can easily write a better application letter.

DM may have to write applications on many other such topics. That's why you have to consider for which work you are writing the application letter.
Complaint Letter to District Magistrate
Application Letter to District Magistrate

Format of Application letter to District Magistrate


Mr. Deputy Commissioner,

Jaipur, Rajasthan (name of district)

Subject – For the problems of the district (problem)


I humbly request that my name is _________________ (insert your name). I am a resident of Chakus (insert your village/city name) village in Jaipur. I want to draw your kind attention towards this problem/complaint. ________________________________________ (Write whatever problem/complaint you have).

Therefore, it is requested to sir that by paying attention to the above problems/complaints at the earliest, you will be very kind to provide relief.

Thank you

Date :- 01 Jan 20….

Yours faithfully

Ram Kumar( Enter your name)

Address (Please enter your full address)

Telephone no. (Enter your mobile no. or telephone no.)

Sample 1 :- District Problems


Mr. District Magistrate

Subject – District problems


I want to draw the attention of Mr. Vinay to the problems of the district. Although there are many problems in the district, but the problems of education, drinking water, electricity and roads are important.

The number of primary schools in the district is very less in proportion to the population, even though they are located at far off places, they can be reached by walking two to three kilometers.

There is also a serious problem of drinking water, most of the government taps are lying idle, there is no government tap system in the village, where there is no water, due to lack of electricity, the residents of the district have to face a lot of trouble.

The problem of electricity continues, especially in the evening and at night, due to lack of electricity, the studies of the students continue to be disrupted and at night it becomes an open empire for thieves, due to which the water problem also arises.

The condition of the road is such that it is difficult to walk anywhere without taking off shoes and slippers.

Therefore, it is requested to Sir that by giving immediate attention to the above mentioned problems, the residents of the district should get relief and earn this benefit.

Yours faithfully

Sample 2 :- Curb Crimes


Mr. District Magistrate

Jaipur, Rajasthan

Subject – To curb crimes


It is a humble request that my name is Vijay Kumar, I am a resident of small village Vikaspura in your district. I am a social worker, today I want to inform you about the increasing crimes in our village.

Sir, since last 3 months the graph of crimes is increasing in our village, every day theft, looting is happening but the police administration is not paying attention to it.

Due to this there is a lot of anger among the villagers, many poor people have been robbed of their lifetime's earnings and many people are being harassed by threats.

Therefore, you are requested to give strict instructions to the police administration to curb the crimes so that the people of the village can get relief as soon as possible.

Thank you

Yours faithfully

  Vijay Kumar

  Vikas Pura, District, Jaipur

  Mobile no. 0000000000

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Sample 3 :- 1. Application form for arranging village roads and drains


Mr. District Magistrate

Faizabad (Enter the name of your district)

Subject :- Regarding getting the roads and drains arranged.


All the villagers want to focus your attention towards the bad roads and broken drains of their village. In the coming rainy season, the condition of the village becomes miserable. There is no outlet for the water. Due to which all the residents of the village keep fighting with these diseases and face a lot of problems.

Therefore, you are humbly requested to take action on the special things told by the villagers so that the roads and drains of our village can be improved and these dangerous diseases can be avoided.

"Thank you"



Names and signatures of all residents of the village.

Sample 4 :- 2. How to write an application to DM if an employee demands bribe?

In service,

District Magistrate


Subject :- Regarding demand of bribe by Lekhpal.


It is a humble request that I am a resident of Salman Peerpur (write your address here), the Lekhpal of our area is Kuldeep ji (write the name of the employee who took the bribe). I have been circling Lekhpal sahab for about 2 months and Lekhpal Kuldeep is demanding Rs 5000 as bribe, which I am unable to pay.

Therefore, you are requested to take strict action against corrupt employees like these so that these corrupt employees are eliminated and people are saved from these employees.

"Thank you"





Mobile No. ____________


Things to keep in mind while writing an application/application to the District Magistrate –

(1) Be sure to write your full name, address and mobile number.

(2) Do write the subject in the application so that the District Magistrate can understand your problem immediately.

(3) Be sure to write complete information about the department or person about whom you are complaining in the application form.

(4) If there is any complaint with which proof is required, do not forget to attach that proof with the application.

(5) After writing the application, read it once again because there should not be any unnecessary error in the application.

(6) Whenever you write a complaint in the application, try to write clearly and in less words.

In this way, you can easily write an application to the officer of your district and demand for action so that you get good facilities and security.

There can be many reasons for writing an application to the District Magistrate.

You can make a mater according to your case and mention it in the application form so that it becomes easier for the District Magistrate to understand your case.

Note: What has been written in this article has been written only for an information purpose so that the applicant can write the application form correctly.


In the article, you have been told how to write an application to the DM, so that you can easily write an application to the DM of a district and appeal to bring your case to notice.

How to write dm application. If you have any question related to this article then you can ask question and know the answer of the question if you want to know or how to write application on any other topic then you can tell me what I am doing on that topic But definitely I will try to cover that topic.

If this article has been beneficial for you, then do not forget to share it on social media platforms so that more such people can be helped by this article.

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