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Hello students friends, today we are going to see complaint letter in English in this article. Along with that we will discuss in this article what is a complaint letter? How to write a complaint letter? We will see the points to be kept in mind while writing a complaint letter and sample/example of a complaint letter.

Friends Grievance letter is a sub-type of formal letter. In the exam you will be asked one question of 5 to 10 marks. This article will be very useful for all our students from class 7th to 12th. So friends let's see the complaint letter in English.

What is a complaint letter?

Friends we buy something similar from others, or buy some services. In such a case, the letter that we write to the concerned person about the trouble we face when we are not provided proper service by the other person is called a complaint letter.

Sometimes we write a complaint letter to the concerned person if we are bothered by the incident happening around us.

How to write a complaint letter?

Friends, how to write a complaint letter? Let us see below how the format of writing a complaint letter can be.
  1. While writing the complaint letter, first write the date on the left side.
  2. Then write the name, title, office name, and address of the person to whom you are writing the letter in detail.
  3. Leave a line below it and write the subject.
  4. The topic should be written in brief and to the point.
  5. Then start the letter with the words Sir/Madam, Respected Sir, Best Regards.
  6. Now introduce yourself first in the letter.
  7. After that, you should write down the details of the trouble you are facing in detail and politely.
  8. Then ask to resolve the said complaint.
  9. At the end of the letter, leave a line and write your signature on the right side.
  10. Write your full name and rank below it.

Issues in writing a complaint letter

What factors should we consider while writing a complaint letter? What can be the issues of writing a complaint letter? Let us see all these aspects below.
  • While writing a complaint letter, you should make sure that you are writing to the right person.
  • Complaint letter should preferably be written in advance of the request.
  • Use gentle language while writing the complaint letter.
  • While writing a complaint letter, laws, rules should also be mentioned so that the other person will take your words into consideration.
  • Complaint letter should be written in brief but to the point.
  • If some goods and similar have been purchased, then the xerox copy of the receipt, bill should be attached along with it.
  • Ask for your complaint to be addressed as soon as possible.
Complaint Letter
Complaint Letter

Grievance Letter Writing Samples/Examples

Friends, study some of the best complaint letter writing examples we are providing below for your study.

Sample 1 :- Complaints about the empire of filth spread in the city.

Write a letter to the municipal corporation officer and complain about the filth empire spread everywhere in the city.

Dated – 10 September 2022
Hon. Health Officer,
Department of Health,
Sambhajinagar Municipal Corporation,

Subject – Concerns about the sprawling filth empire in the city.

Hon. sir,
I, Bhushan Patil, am writing this letter to you as a senior citizen of Sambhajinagar city. I walk the distance from Narayan Nagar to railway station every evening for exercise. While walking on this road, it is seen that the municipal government has placed garbage bins at various places.

It is unfortunate that all the people in this area are smart and educated but do not take care that the garbage will end up in the garbage bin. So a lot of waste is left out of the trap. Due to this, it has become impossible to come and go from there.

Another thing is that the garbage truck does not come here every day. Due to this, there is a terrible stench here. In such a situation, the health of the people in this area is in danger. There is dread of spreading the illness.

We should look into this and make an inquiry and arrange for the garbage truck to come here every day or every other day. Apart from this, the medicine should be sprayed in the area. This request.
to know Sorry for the trouble.

Your grace
Bhushan Narayan Patil
102, Narayan Nagar,
Garkheda area, Aurangabad

Sample 2 :- Complaint letter regarding increased electricity bill.

Write a complaint letter to the Mahadistrivan office about the electricity bill of your house last month being too high.

Hon. Chief Engineer,
Department of General Distribution,
Vaijapur, Vaijapur,
Dist. Sambhajinagar
Dated – 12 January 2023

Subject – Complaint letter regarding increased electricity bill.

I, Sunil Shankar Patil, would like to inform you that my electricity bill for the current month has increased. I suspect there must be something wrong with this meter. Because there is a big difference between the previous month's reading and the current month's reading.

However, you are requested to check the relevant meter and get the correct bill.
Xerox copies of electricity bills of last two months are attached with the application.

Your faithful
Sunil Shankar Patil
21, Pandurang Galli, Vaijapur

Sample 3 :- Complaint letter to lower the volume of loud speaker.

Write a complaint letter to the police officer to reduce the volume of the loud speaker.

police officer,
CIDCO Police Station,
Aurangabad, City
Dated – 25 July 2022

Topic – Regarding reducing the volume of loud speakers.

Hon. sir,
The above subject is brought to your notice that I am Suraj Rajput, a resident of N-11, TV Centre, CIDCO, DJ and loud speaker have been installed in the square in front of our house on the occasion of Eid. Some of the fighting boys here are dancing till two o'clock in the night with loud speakers and DJs. They are causing a lot of trouble to our citizens. Children, students and sick senior citizens of our colony are suffering from noise. However, appropriate action should be taken against the concerned persons. This is a humble request.

Your faithful
Suraj Rajput,
N-11, TV Centre,
Aurangabad 40002

Complaint Letter Writing in English Class 10th

Sample 4 :- Complaint letter regarding removal of crowd of hawkers around the school.

You are a student and write a complaint letter to the police inspector regarding removal of hawker crowd around your school.

Hon. Police Inspector Sir,
Walaj Police Station,
Aurangabad city.
Dated – 05 November 2022

Topic – Regarding removing the crowd of hawkers around the school.

Hon. sir,
I am Ms. Dipali Shinde, Mr. I am writing this letter of complaint to you as a student representative of the school Ganesh Vidya Mandir. Our school is near the Ranjangaon Phata. There is always a crowd of hawkers near our school. The hawkers are especially crowded before school, during school breaks and during school holidays. So our students face a lot of trouble while entering and leaving the school. There is fear of an accident while crossing the road. At other times it screams for a sale. Sometimes they do not fight among themselves. Due to this, we do not pay attention to studies in school.

Please pay attention to this and remove the trouble caused to the school, this is a humble request.

Your faithful
Dipali Eknath Shinde,
Mr. Ganesh Vidya Temple,
Ranjangaon, Walaj,
Dist. Aurangabad 400023

Sample 5 :- Complaint letter regarding contaminated water.

As a responsible citizen, write a complaint letter to the Municipal Corporation about contaminated water coming into your society/Kalloni.

Dated – 10 January 2022
Water Supply Officer,
Pune Municipal Corporation, Pune.

Subject – Complaint Letter regarding Inflow of Contaminated Water.

Dear Sir, Greetings.
I am Rohit Muralidhar Jadhav, a resident of our section and we have been getting contaminated water supply for the past two weeks. As a result, our residents have been suffering for two weeks. The water is contaminated to the point that it couldn't in fact be utilized. Germs were also found in the water two days ago. Therefore, they are having a harmful effect on health. Many have succumbed to diseases like vomiting and diarrhoea. Due to this, women are suffering a lot in domestic work.
However, it is a humble request that you please pay personal attention to this matter and save us from this trouble.
to know Sorry for the inconvenience.

Your humble
Rohit Jadhav,
Somwar Peth, Pune

Sample 6 :- Complaint letter regarding the failure of seedlings ordered for school plantation.

Write a letter of complaint to the forest authorities as the student representative of the school about half of the saplings among the saplings called for the tree plantation program turning out to be bad.

Dated – 07 June 2022
Forest Officer,
Bhandardara Park,
Subject – About the failure of seedlings called for school plantation.

Hon'ble Forest Officer Sir,
My name is Ms. I am Sunil Chandrakant Patil and I am studying in class 8th in Saraswati Vidyalaya, Bhandardara and with the permission of my class teacher I would like to remind you as the student representative of the school that we have ordered some saplings from our garden for our school tree plantation program. But when the plants ordered from us were received, half of the plants were found to be damaged and the quality of the plants received was found to be poor.

We buy plants from you every time and have never found such quality plants. But this time the quality of plants is poor. However, please pay attention to this and send us new plants of good quality as soon as possible.
I hope you will look into my complaint positively and send us new plants immediately to replace the damaged plants.

your faithful
Sunil Patil,
Saraswati Vidyalaya,


Students friends, today in this article we will report Complaint Letter English 2023. This complaint letter will be very useful for students of class 9th and 10th. These are excellent examples of complaint letters. I am sure that by practicing these complaint letters you can score between 5 and 10 marks in the exam.

Friends we hope you like this article Complaint Letter English 2023. Be sure to share this article with your friends. If you have any doubts or suggestions, let us know through comment. Thank you once again for visiting our blog

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