Complaint Letter Example | English Letter Writing Format, Example | Informal & Formal Letter in English

English Letter Writing Format, Example | Informal & Formal Letter in English 

In this article we are presenting for you English letter writing and letter writing samples.

In this article you will learn complete English letter writing in which you will see samples of both Informal Letter Writing in English and Formal Letter Writing in English.

Types of letter writing

Informal Letters | Informal Letters In English

Letters addressed to mother, father, brother, sister or other relatives and friends are informal letters. These days, the requirement for composing casual letters has nearly vanished because of cell phones and web. Hence correspondence at personal level is not found now.

Complaint Letter
Complaint Letter

Sample Informal Letter | Informal Letter in English

1. Congratulatory letter to your friend for winning the first prize in an essay competition.

232, Gandhi Nagar,
Dear friend Ramesh

Hello with love,

Congratulations! I am very happy to read your news in current paper this morning that you participated in the district level essay competition and won first place. I am writing this letter to you immediately. I used to be overwhelmed by your thoughts even when I was in school. The way you used to write articles on a topic in very simple and simple words made everyone jealous of you

Seeing that you have received the first rank award today, my joy is boundless. Chant the art of writing that you have. Best wishes for your future endeavors.

Thank You,

your friend

Formal Letters | Formal Letters In English

Formal or business letters have a marginally unique configuration. Toward the start of such letters, compose your complete name first while composing the location in the upper right corner. The content of the letter should be on topic, but to the point. Although the language of this letter is formal, it should be attractive and uplifting so that the reader feels the importance of your letter.

Outline of a formal letter | Formal Letter Format in English

[ Letter writer's own name
The letter writer's own
address and number.]

Date: __________


[ name of acceptor,
Name of the Post, Address of the Establishment
etc. details should be written here.]

Subject : [Explain the subject of the letter in minimum words.]

References: [Write the reference below the subject if the character refers to previous correspondence.]


[ Here begins the text of the character. A separate paragraph should be made for each point. This text should not show palhad, metaphorical, personal feelings. The complaint should also be in gentle language.]


the signature

There are about a couple subtypes of clinical letters. They are as follows:

  • Demand letter
  • request letter
  • complaint letter

1. Demand letter | Demand Letter In English

  1. A letter written to request a good or service.
  2. We are ready to pay a fair amount to the demander.
  3. A cash transaction is the exchange of goods and services for money. It has less emotion.
  4. Clues to Courtesy in Public Life. Hence the request language. However, the demand is at the heart of the letter. (Demand Letter in English)

Subject Class of Demand Letter:

  1. Ordering school supplies. (Books, books, stationery, charts, maps, spare parts of equipment, laboratory supplies, subject-laboratory supplies, etc.)
  2. Asking for household items.
  3. Registering refreshment requests with caterers.
  4. Asking for birthday gifts.
  5. Registering demand for periodicals for school.
  6. Brochures (things, architecture, locality, transport, tour arrangement, accommodation etc.).

Sample Demand Letter

1. Letter asking for saplings for tree planting in Vanamahotsava.

Rajni Jadhav
student representative,
Sarada Vidyalaya,
Pune-411 115.
d. 25 July 2021

Hon. Forest Officer,
Forest Department,

Subject : Demand for saplings for plantation.


Next month's Vanamahotsav will be celebrated in our school too. It was learned that our department is going to provide free saplings to the schools for this festival. Our school also needs such plants; This letter is being written for that.

Our school needs about two hundred plants. I am writing this letter with the permission of Hon'ble Headmaster that we will select the saplings of the trees available with us. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Your grace

Rajni Jadhav

Student Representative

2. Letter requisitioning stationery for school office.(School Requisition Letter)

Ideal school
Jawahar Nagar,
Sangli -416 416.
d. 30-7-2021

May Bharat Stationery Mart,
Jogeshwari Chowk,
Pune-411 002.

Subject : Demand for stationery.


Like every year, this year also we are asking for the stationery items required for our school as per the following list. Please send all materials promptly so that they reach us before the start of the new school year without any inconvenience.

The bill of lading should also be sent along with it, so that the amount can be remitted immediately.

To know, to be greedy.

Your Grace,


Head of Student Repository,

Adarsh Vidyalaya, Sangli

Complaint Letter
Complaint Letter Example

2. Petition |  Request Letter In English

  1. A letter written to request financial assistance from an individual or organization.
  2. A letter written to an expert person to benefit from his knowledge, expertise, experience.
  3. Helping depends entirely on the willingness of the person concerned. So the concerned person has to make a request. (Request Letter in English)
  4. Along with the main topic, the sentiment of the request is central. So this request is yes.
  5. Request letters are written in situations like giving invitations, asking for donations, seeking permission for site visits, calling organizations like the fire brigade for guidance, inviting a corporator or sarpanch to participate in a 'school committee', appealing to parents to solve student problems.

Class of the subject of the petition:

  1. Giving invitations for various gatherings.
  2. Receiving donations, gifts.
  3. Obtaining permission for visits, trips etc.
  4. Inviting to participate in school activities.
  5. Encouraging students to participate in activities related to health, stress, adolescent problems etc.
  6. Inviting experts to guide students to avoid the side effects of modern lifestyle.
  7. Calling on organizations like the fire brigade for guidance.

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Request letter sample

1. 10th class has organized tilgul ceremony, class representative is writing request to teachers to attend it.

A. b. c.
Class Representative, 10th A,
Martyrs Chapekar Vidyalaya,
Ganesh Khind,
Pune-411 003.
d. 14 January 2021

Hon'ble Principal and other teachers,
Martyrs Chapekar Vidyalaya,
Pune-411 003.

Subject : Request to attend Telugu ceremony.



We all the students of class 10th 'A' have decided to celebrate Tilgul ceremony in our class today. This year is our last year in school, so we have organized this ceremony.

We would like you to please be present in our classroom at exactly four o'clock for this ceremony and wish us well. Honorable Principal Shri. Kulkarni sir will take over the presidency.

However, you should accept our invitation and come to sweeten our Tilgoo ceremony. We are eagerly waiting for you.

Your humble student,

A. b. c.

class representative

10th A

2. Write a letter requesting the association of doctors in Nirmalgram Panchkroshi to conduct health examination of the students of your school.

A. b. c.
student representative,
Vidyadevi School,
Sangli - 416 301.
d. 19 August 2021

Dr. Baby carrier
Nirmalgram Health Channel,
Nirmalgram, Sangli - 4196 301.

Subject : Health Checkup of Students of Vidyadevi School.


I am the student representative of Vidyadebi Prashala and am writing to you to request health check up of the students of our school.

As you know, all the students in our school are children of farmers. Recently, the health complaints of our students have increased significantly. Poverty, ignorance and indifference towards health lead to poor health. If you conduct a health screening camp in our school and guide us about health, we will be greatly benefited.

As all the students in our school are poor, we are requested to make this examination free of cost.

to know

Your humble student,

A. b. c.

Student Representative

3. Complaint | Complaint Letter In English

  1. A complaint is made against something or someone.
  2. Grounds of complaint - Complaint to the concerned person, institution or government regarding fraud, loss, injustice, anti-social things, matters dangerous to human life etc. (complaint letter in English)
  3. A complaint letter contains a request for grievance redressal. However, this is not a request. At the heart of the letter is a complaint.

Class of the subject matter of the complaint:

  1. Fraud
  2. damage
  3. injustice
  4. Deprivation of rights
  5. Matters dangerous to society
  6. To lodge complaints against matters threatening human life (eg, felling of trees) etc.

Sample Complaint Letter

1. Prepare a complaint form complaining to the police authorities about the nuisance caused by hawkers around the school.

Kumari Arya M. Amre
student representative,
Sarada Vidyalaya,
Kothrud, Pune-411 039.
d. 10 September 2021

Hon'ble Superintendent of Police,
Kothrud Police Station,
Kothrud, Pune - 411 039.

Topic : Removal of hawker crowd around school.


S.N. Vs. Vs.

I am writing this letter to you as the student representative of Arya Amre Sharda Vidyalaya.

Our School is located at Shivaji Chowk, Kothrud. There is always a crowd of hawkers near our school. The rush of hawkers increases especially in the morning before school starts, during school leave and during mid-term break. So there is difficulty in entering and exiting the school. The risk of accidents while crossing the road has increased.

Other times they scream for sales. Sometimes they even fight with each other. Due to this, there are many obstacles in the study and teaching in the classroom.

Please look into this and remove the trouble caused to the school. I am writing this letter with the permission of Hon'ble Principal.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Your Grace,

Arya Amre,

student representative,

Sarada Vidyalaya.

2. Writing a letter to the Municipal Corporation officials about the plight of garbage bins on the street.

Sameer Wagle,
Vs 131, Matrasadan,
Peru Gate, Sadashiv Peth,
Pune-411 030.
d. 10 September 2021

Honorable Health Officer,
Department of Health,
Pune Municipal Corporation,
Pune-4119 010.

Subject: Complaint about unsanitary conditions in the city.


S. No. Vs. Vs.

I live in Matrasadan at Peru Gate. There is a litter box in front of our house. Unfortunately, all the people in this section are well educated but do not take care that the waste falls into the dustbin while disposing of it. Therefore, most of the waste is lying outside the box. Children who collect paper spread it further. Night and night, dogs gather there and bark.

Another thing is that the garbage truck does not come here every day. Therefore, there is a terrible stench here. In such a situation, there is concern that the health of the people in this area will be in danger.

It is requested that we look into this matter and make an inquiry and arrange for the garbage truck to come here every day or every other day.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Your Grace,

Sameer Wagle

So this is complete English letter writing (Letter Writing in English) along with detailed information. Tell us how you feel about this article in the comments and share this article with your friends.

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