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How to write a complaint letter? How to write a complaint letter?

Complaint is an antonym. Complaint in Tamil can be called appeal. It is better to mention that the appeal was filed instead of filing a complaint. But it can be seen that the letter of complaint has been studied more than the letter of appeal in the case of people's speech. Here the letter is written using complaint as a general term.

Complaint, appeal can mean not giving back, asking for justice, claiming ownership, not claiming rights, claiming it's mine and many others.

1. Asking for justice or asking for the right to complain to the respective superior about the opponent.

2. Writing a complaint letter to the Police Inspector to trace the missing item.

3. Filing of complaints in police stations for fighting, litigation and presenting family problems

Such complaint letters are mostly dependent on police stations. Complaint letters can be as follows.

1.Apply to the police inspector to trace the missing bicycle.

2. Make an application to the Police Inspector to trace the missing jewel.

3. Make an application to the Police Inspector to trace the missing son.

4. Make an application to the police inspector to trace the missing bike.

5. Make an application to the police inspector to find the stolen goods in our house.

6. Make an application to the police inspector to trace the missing wife.

7. Make an application to the Police Inspector to trace the missing watch.

8. Make an application to the Inspector General of Police against Sexual Harassment.

9. Write complaint letters to respective higher authorities for social problems.

10. Make an application to the Inspector of Police presenting family problems.
Formal complaint letter
Formal complaint letter

Like these and others like these may come. Let's take just one of the above as an example and see how to write a complaint letter to find the missing bike :-

Apply to Inspector of Police.



                         Kamarajar Street,

                         Ermasamudram Village,

                         Pethanayakkan Palayam Circle,

                         Salem District,


                         Police Inspector,

                         police station,


Pethanayakkan Palayam Circle,

Salem District.


             Subject : In relation to the invention of the two-wheeled vehicle…

             hello I have been living at the above address for the past thirty years. At present I went to Attur on my bike to buy jewelery for my sister's wedding. I parked the bike before NM Jewelers in Attur and went inside the shop to buy jewellery. Almost two hours later, after buying the jewelry, I came out and looked, but I didn't see my cart. I also visited the neighborhood. I asked the neighbors and saw it. No information found. Therefore, I humbly request you to locate my bike.


Location: Hermasamudra Your faithful,

Day :


1.TVS – WEGO, Blue color

2.Car number – TN 27 A 2314

3.RC book of the vehicle

4. Copy of my driving license

5. Same day receipt of our jewelery purchase from NM Jewellers

Sample For Complaint Letter :-  

_______________your name,
_______________ Address,
_______________ date

_______________ Name of Police Station,
_______________Full Address of Police Station

Subject: Application to complain about lost mobile

It begins with humble respect, My name is _______________ [your name] I reside at _______________ [your address]. I wish to inform you that I lost or misplaced my mobile phone at __________ [name of place] on _______________ [date]. The phone is a new version of [your missing phone name] with a metallic blue back cover. The IMEI number of my phone is _______________ [referenced IMEI number] but the serial number is _______________ [serial number]. Along with the lost phone, my SIM card was also in the phone, the number of which is _______________ [SIM Number]. The cost of my lost phone is currently Rs 25000.
I request you to kindly register my complaint and get me a copy of it so that I can talk to the customer service to block my sim and get this number again. I would appreciate it if you follow the necessary procedures to find and recover my missing device as soon as possible. For identification, I have mentioned all the details of the missing device above to make it easy for you to locate the phone.
Yours faithfully,
Contact _______________

Things to remember while composing an objection letter :-

1. Name of sender and recipient should be entered. Don't put it as sending – receiving.

2.Similarly, do not put anything like full stop ( . ) or comma ( , ) next to sender and receiver.

3. If it is a general letter to the sender, you can put it as village commoners. If not, you can write the name as if you were writing an individual. It's not wrong. But at the end of the day, what the sender has in place of their faithfulness should be featured here as well.

4. Sender and Recipient addresses must contain a comma at the end of each and a period at the end only.

5. If there is a name in the recipient's address field (Mr. A. Kandasamy) then only Mr. should be entered. If there is a position without a name, do not put anything like Mr, High Sir and them.

6. If you don't know whether the recipient is male or female, you can put both as above in the field of Sir / Madam. Just put something if you know it.

7. It is necessary to put a comma in the place of Sir / Madam.

8. A semicolon ( : ) should be placed in the place of subject. Also, summarizing what we are asking the recipient for – in relation to…

9. Regarding... can be understood as I am going to talk more about this.

10. In the subject area we should say what we want to say in a clear manner. Do not go around and repeat what has been said. There is no rule here that says so. Everyone can write in their own style. But the recipient needs to understand.

11. It is important to say hello before starting the subject. Because the higher ups and we are complaining that he/she wants this/these redemption. So this time there is no mistake.

12. After saying hello, thank you must be present at the end. Do not relax anywhere unnecessarily.

13. Regards and thanks are optional in the application letter. Happy if there is. Also do not put low. No one is inferior. But humility is good.

14. In respect of this type of letter, in the signature area, as such, should not be put as Dear. To put their true name. A comma ( , ) is required at the end. It ought to likewise be on the right side.

15. Place and date must be included on the left side.

16. To sign under their solemn oath. It is necessary to write the sender's name clearly under it.

17.At the end there must be a connection. The attachment should include proofs, photographs, public signatures, size classifications as per your request.

18.Finally read and proofread your written letter once. Take a photocopy (Xerox) of everything you have.

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