GK Questions and Answers | 250+ GK questions in English with Answers

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1. In which country will the Football World Cup 2014 be held?
Ans:- Brazil

Questions and answers related to General Knowledge (Gk Questions In English with Answers) play an important role in our lives. Because if a person does not have general knowledge, then the person keeps his distance from intelligent people and leaves himself far behind. In such a situation, today we have brought some such questions and answers of general knowledge in front of you, which will increase the consciousness of your knowledge, as well as the student will also get its benefit in the examination. So let's start read till the end.

GK Questions and Answers
GK Questions and Answers

2. In which country will the Football World Cup 2018 be held?
Ans:- Russia

3. Where will the Commonwealth Games of 2014 be held?
Ans:- Glasgow (Scotland)

4. Who presides over the joint sitting of both the Houses of the Parliament?
Ans:- Speaker of the Lok Sabha

5. Under which article of the Indian Constitution, Jammu and Kashmir has got special status?
Ans:- Article 370

6. Which is the largest continent of the world?
Ans:- Asia

7. On which river is Hyderabad situated?
Ans:- Musi

8. Which is the largest producer of silver in the world?
Ans:- Mexico

9. Which is the smallest country in the world according to area?
Ans:- Vatican City

10. Suez Canal connects which two seas?
Ans:- Mediterranean Sea and Red Sea

11. Which two oceans does the Panama Canal connect?
Ans:- Pacific Ocean and North Atlantic Ocean

12. Which is the capital of the Union Territory of India 'Dadra and Nagar Haveli'?
Ans:- Silvassa

13. When is Earth Day celebrated?
Ans:- 22 April

14. In which state is the Valley of Flowers located?
Ans:- In Uttarakhand

15. Which is the capital of the newly created nation of South Sudan in the year 2011?
Ans:- Juba

16. Who was the author of Aine Akbari?
Ans:- Abul Fazal

17. With which game is the Hopman Cup related?
Ans:- Tennis

18. Who is known as Deshbandhu?
Ans:- Chittaranjan Das

19. How many spokes are there in the Ashoka Chakra?
Ans:- 24

20. Which is the smallest bone?
Ans:- Steps

21. Which is the largest bone?
Ans:- Femur (thigh bone)

22. What is the life span of Red Blood Corpuscle (RBC)?
Ans:- 120 days

23. What is the process of coating zinc on iron to prevent it from rusting called?
Ans:- Galvanization or Galvanization (Galvanization)

24. What is the name of the largest gland of the human body?
Ans:- Liver

25. Where is India's first oil refinery located?
Ans:- Digboi (Assom)

26. Who got the Char Minar constructed in Hyderabad?
Ans:- Quli Qutubshah

28. With whom is the White Revolution related?
Ans:- From milk

29. Which is the oldest running rail engine of India?
Ans:- Fairy Queen

30. Which is the first state to become the basis of language in India?
Ans:- Andhra Pradesh

31. What is the old name of Srilanka?
Ans:- Ceylon

32. Who discovered vitamins?
Ans:- Funk

33. Whose alloy is stainless steel?
Ans:- Iron, Chromium, Nickel

34. Whose alloy is bronze?
Ans:- Copper and Tin

35. When did Swami Vivekananda address the World Religion Conference held in Chicago?
Ans:- in 1893

36. When is the longest day in the Northern Hemisphere on Earth?
Ans:- 21 June

37. Which leader was killed by lathi charge during the boycott of Simon Commission?
Ans:- Lala Lajpat Rai

38. In which book 'Gayatri Mantra' is mentioned?
Ans:- Rigveda

39. In which part of the human body does the process of digestion take place mostly?
Ans:- small intestine

40. Who propounded the laws of heredity?
Ans:- Gregor Mandel

41. Which metal was first used by man?
Ans:- Copper

42. On what principle does the ball pen work?
Ans:- Surface tension

43. Silkworms are reared on the soft leaves of which tree?
Ans:- Mulberry

44. What is Khetri famous for in Rajasthan?
Ans:- Copper mine

45. Which is the nearest planet to the earth?
Ans:- Venus

46. By which method is the transmission of heat from the Sun to the Earth?
Ans:- Radiation

47. D.N.A. Who discovered the doubled coil?
Ans:- Watson and Crick

48. In what is the intensity of sound measured?
Ans:- Decibel

49. What is beekeeping called?
Ans:- Apiculture

50. Which mirror is used in vehicles to see the rear view?
Ans:- Convex

51. What is the speed of sound in air under normal conditions?
Ans:- 332 m./sec

52. Which is the only planet which rotates on its axis from east to west?
Ans:- Venus

53. Which is the maximum gas in the Sun?
Ans:- Hydrogen

54. Which is the brightest planet visible from the earth?
Ans:- Venus

55. How old is the solar system?
Ans:- 4.6 billion years

56. Which comet star appears after 76 years?
Ans:- Heli Comet Star

57. How much time does the sunlight take to reach the earth?
Ans:- 500 seconds

58. What is the part of the computer which we can touch is called?
Ans:- Hardware

59. Which is the noble gas used in the treatment of cancer?
Ans:- Radan

60. Which mineral is found in monazite sand?
Ans:- Thorium

61. Which is the largest mammal of the world?
Ans:- Whale fish

62. Who discovered the blood group?
Ans:- Land Steiner

63. Which is the main ore of aluminium?
Ans:- Bauxite

64. Which was the first artificial satellite?
Ans:- Sputnik-1

65. By which device is mechanical energy converted into electrical energy?
Ans:- Dynamo

66. What is the temporary memory of the computer called?
Ans:- RAM-Random Excess Memory

67. What is measured by the Richter scale?
Ans:- Intensity of earthquake

68. Which metal is the most in the earth's crust?
Ans:- Aluminum

69. Which planet is called evening star?
Ans:- Venus

70. What is the lowest layer of the atmosphere called?
Ans:- Troposphere

71. How much time does it take for the earth to rotate through 1 degree longitude?
Ans:- 4 minutes

72. What is Plaster of Paris made from?
Ans:- Gypsum

73. With the help of which fishes breathe?
Ans:- Gills

74. What is the process of making food by green plants called?
Ans:- Photosynthesis

75. By which process is cream made from milk?
Ans:- Centrifugal force

76. Where is the headquarter of Reserve Bank of India?
Ans:- Mumbai

77. Who is called Frontier Gandhi?
Ans:- Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan

78. Who was the first President of independent India?
Ans:- Dr. Rajendra Prasad

79. Black soil is most suitable for which crop?
Ans:- Cotton

80. Which foreign invader looted 'Kohinoor Diamond' and 'Peacock Throne' and took it home with him?
Ans:- Nadirshah

81. Which is the oldest mountain range in India?
Ans:- Aravalli range

82. Approximately what percent of the surface of the earth is water?
Answer:- 71%

83. With which country does India share the longest land border?
Ans:- Bangladesh

84. Which is the largest planet of our solar system?
Ans:- Jupiter

85. Which river is called 'Sorrow of Bihar'?
Ans:- Kosi

86. To detect gas leakage from gas cylinders, which odorous substance is added to it?
Ans:- Ethyl mercaptan

87. Which gas has the highest percentage in the atmosphere?
Ans:- Nitrogen

88. In which state is the Sun Temple of Konark located?
Ans:- Odisha

89. Bangladesh was formed in the year 1971 by separating from which country?
Ans:- Pakistan

90. What is the meaning of WWW in computer language?
Ans:- World Wide Web

91. How many bytes are there in one kilobyte (KB)?
Ans:- 1024 Byte

92. Who presided over the historic 1929 session of the Indian National Congress?
Ans:- Jawaharlal Nehru

93. Who was the accomplice of Bhagat Singh in throwing the bomb in the Central Assembly?
Ans:- Batukeshwar Dutt

94. Who published the magazine Commonville?
Ans:- Anne Besant

95. Who is the only Indian to have received the Nobel Prize in Economics?
Ans:- Amartya Sen

96. With whose efforts the Widow Remarriage Act was made in 1856?
Ans:- With the efforts of Ishwarchandra Vidyasagar

97. In the Durbar held in November 1858, where did Lord Canning announce the rule of the Crown in India?
Ans:- In the court held in Allahabad

98. Which state's ruler made the first subsidiary alliance with Lord Wellesley?
Ans:- Nizam of Hyderabad

99. Which is the largest tribe of India?
Ans:- Gond

100. Who is known as 'Shaheed-e-Azam'?
Ans:- Bhagat Singh

101. Who killed General Dyer (associated with the Jallianwala Bagh massacre)?
Ans:- Udham Singh

102. When and by whom was the partition of Bengal done?
Ans:- In 1905 AD

103. In which year the Mid Day Meal Scheme was started?
Ans:- in 1995

104. What is the national anthem of Bangladesh and who wrote it?
Ans:- 'Amar Sonar Bangla' written by Rabindranath Tagore

105. Who was the founder of Lodhi dynasty?
Ans:- Bahlol Lodhi

106. Which constitutional amendment is called 'mini constitution'?
Ans:- 42nd

107. Which mixture of gases are taken by the divers to breathe under water?
Ans:- Mixture of oxygen and helium gases

108. Who was the founder of Homeopathy?
Ans:- Honeyman

109. Which gas is used for ripening fruits?
Ans:- Ethylene

110. Which musical instrument does Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia play?
Ans:- Flute

111. What should be the minimum age to become the Prime Minister of India?
Ans:- 25 years

112. Who got the Stupa of Sanchi constructed?
Ans:- Ashoka

113. McMahon Line forms the boundary between which two countries?
Ans:- India-China

114. Which is the edible part of onion?
Ans:- stem

115. What is the frequency of sound waves in the audio range?
Ans:- 20 Hz to 20000 Hz

116. In which country is the world's highest mountain peak Mount Everest located?
Ans:- Nepal

117. Which river is called Dakshin Ganga?
Ans:- Godavari

118. Which rivers make the Sundarbans delta, the largest delta in the world?
Ans:- Ganga-Brahmaputra

119. Which was the port city of the Indus Valley Civilization?
Ans:- Lothal

120. Who is considered the father of sitar and tabla?
Ans:- Amir Khusro

121. Which is the highest plateau in the world?
Ans:- Plateau of Pamir or Tibet

122. Who is the chairman of the Planning Commission?
Ans:- Prime Minister

123. Which gas is used in the manufacture of vanaspati ghee?
Ans:- Hydrogen

124. One horse power is equal to how many watts?
Ans:- 746 watt

125. What is the reason for the roundness of water drops?
Ans:- Surface tension

126. Which is the first man-made fibre?
Ans:- Nylon

127. What should be the distance between the listener and the reflector to hear a clear echo?
Ans:- 17 meters

128. Which color of light is scattered the most?
Ans:- Violet

129. Which mirror is used in the headlights of vehicles?
Ans:- Concave

130. Why are the stars seen twinkling in the sky?
Ans:- Due to refraction of light

131. What is the primary color called?
Ans:- Red, Green, Blue

132. Which gas is filled in the tires of aeroplanes?
Ans:- Helium

133. Which metal is mixed in soldering metal or solder?
Ans:- Tin and lead

134. What is the name of the world's first woman astronaut?
Ans:- Valentina Tereshkova

135. Cinnabar is the ore of which metal?
Ans:- mercury or mercury

136. On what principle is the “Hydrogen Bomb” based?
Ans:- Nuclear fusion

137. Pellagra disease is caused by the deficiency of which vitamin?
Ans:- Vitamin B-3

138. What is found in abundance in the liver oil of fishes?
Ans:- Vitamin D

139. What is the height of the geostationary satellite from the earth?
Ans:- 36,000 kms

140. What is the temperature of the human body?
Ans:- 37°C or 98.4F

141. What is the unit of power of a lens?
Ans:- Diopter

142. Of which material are the IC chips of the computer made?
Ans:- Of silicon

143. Parsec is the unit of what?
Ans:- of astronomical distance

144. At what temperature the density of water is maximum?
Ans:- at 4°C

145. What is the frequency of ultrasonic waves?
Ans:- More than 20,000 Hz

146. What is the scientific name of man?
Ans:- Homo sapiens

147. Which state of India has the maximum production of rice?
Ans:- West Bengal

148. Where is the headquarter of SAARC (SAARC) or SAARC?
Ans:- Kathmandu (Nepal)

149. Who was the first Paramveer Chakra winner?
Ans:- Major Somnath Sharma

150. Who was the first Indian woman President of the Indian National Congress?
Ans:- Sarojini Naidu
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151. Who was the captain of the 1983 World Cup winning Indian cricket team?
Ans:- Kapildev

152. How many members can the President nominate in the Rajya Sabha?
Ans:- 12

153. In which year the Nobel Prizes started?
Ans:- 1901

154. What is the currency of Bangladesh?
Ans:- Taka

155. Who wrote Ramayana?
Ans:- Maharishi Valmiki

156. In which state is the maximum production of sugarcane in India?
Ans:- Uttar Pradesh

157. Which part of the body is affected by pyorrhea?
Ans:- Teeth and gums

158. On the bank of which river is Nashik situated?
Ans:- Godavari

159. Who administers the oath to the President?
Ans:- Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

160. What is the currency of Japan?
Ans:- Yen

161. Where is the Indian Military Academy located?
Ans:- Dehradun

162. With which game is Davis Cup related?
Ans:- Tennis

163. How long does the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court remain in office?
Ans:- Till the age of 65 years

164. Which is the upper house of the Parliament?
Ans:- Rajya Sabha

165. Who is the author of Panchatantra?
Ans:- Vishnu Sharma

166. By what name is the Indo-China agreement made in 1954 known?
Ans:- Panchsheel agreement

167. Where is the National Defense Academy located?
Ans:- In Khadagwasla near Poona

168. Who wrote the book 'Discovery of India'?
Ans:- Jawaharlal Nehru

169. How many times does the heart of a healthy person beat in a minute?
Ans:- 72 times

170. When was the census done for the first time in India?
Ans:- 1872

171. In which game is the term 'double fault' used?
Ans:- Tennis

172. 'Lai Haroba' is the folk dance of which state?
Ans:- Manipur

173. Which state of India has the largest production of rubber?
Ans:- Kerala

174. On the banks of which river is Kolkata?
Ans:- Hooghly

175. Which Indian scientist told that 'plants have life'?
Ans:- Jagdish Chandra Basu

176. When does the lunar eclipse take place?
Ans:- Purnima

177. When did the Quit India Movement start?
Ans:- 8 August 1942

178. When is the shortest day in the northern hemisphere?
Ans:- 22 December

179. Who wrote 'Ramcharitmanas'?
Ans:- Tulsidas

180. When and where were the first Asian Games held?
Ans:- In May 1951 in New Delhi

181. With which instrument is atmospheric pressure measured?
Ans:- Barometer

182. Who is the Indian to take all the ten wickets in an innings of Test matches?
Ans:- Anil Kumble

183. Where will the Football World Cup be held in 2018?
Ans:- Russia

184. How many members can the President nominate to the Lok Sabha?
Ans:- 2

185. Which is the omnibus blood group?
Ans:- AB

186. In which year the non-cooperation movement started?
Ans:- 1920

187. In which game 'penalty stroke' is used?
Ans:- Hockey

188. Who founded the Sikh religion?
Ans:- Guru Nanak Dev

189. Whose creation is Meghdoot?
Ans:- Kalidas

190. Who was the Prime Minister of Britain at the time of India's independence?
Ans:- Clement Attlee

191. Who founded the 'Scouts and Guides' organization?
Ans:- Robert Baden Powell

192. With which game is Ranji Trophy related?
Ans:- Cricket

193. Jnanpith Award is related to which field?
Answer:- Literature

194. Which is the highest sports award of India?
Ans:- Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award

195. In which year Arjuna Awards started?
Answer:- 1961

196. What is the standard time line of India?
Ans:- 82.5 degree east longitude line which passes through Allahabad

197. Whose world famous painting is 'Monalisa'?
Ans:- Leonardo-Da-Vinci

198. Swang is the folk dance art of which state?
Ans:- Haryana

199. How many High Courts are there in India?
Ans:- 24

200. Who was the last Mughal emperor?
Ans:- Bahadur Shah Zafar II

201. Whose composition is 'Godan'?
Ans:- Munshi Premchand

202. Which virus spreads 'swine flu' disease?
Ans:- H1N1

203. When is National Voters' Day celebrated?
Ans:- 25 January

204. Who is the constitutional head of the Government of India?
Ans:- President

205. By which constitutional amendment were the fundamental duties added to the constitution?
Ans:- 42nd

206. Which movement was started by Mahatma Gandhi to break the salt law?
Ans:- Civil Disobedience Movement

207. Who elects the Vice President?
Ans:- Member of Parliament

208. Where is the Vijaystambha situated?
Ans:- In Chittorgarh

209. The world's longest (9438 km) railroad Trans-Siberia (Russia) connects which two cities?
Ans:- St.Petersburg to Vladivostok

210. Amarkantak is the origin of which river?
Ans:- Narmada

211. In which state is the maximum production of gypsum in India?
Ans:- Rajasthan

212. Where did the English East India Company set up the first factory in India?
Ans:- In Surat (Gujarat)

213. Who wrote the book 'Aine Akbari'?
Ans:- Abul Fazal

214. In which game the word 'Bully' is used?
Ans:- Hockey

215. Who is called 'flying angel'?
Ans:- P.T.Usha

216. When and where was the Arya Samaj established?
Ans:- In 1875 in Mumbai

217. Which is the oldest Veda?
Ans:- Rigveda

218. When is 'Education Day' celebrated?
Ans:- On 11 November

219. Whose birthday is celebrated as Education Day?
Ans:- On the birthday of India's first education minister Maulana Abul Kalam Azad

220. Who led the Bardoli movement of 1928?
Ans:- Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel

221. Who founded the Khalsa sect?
Ans:- Guru Gobind Singh

222. Who founded the Mughal dynasty?
Ans:- Babur

223. India's first woman I.P.S. Who was the officer?
Ans:- Kiran Bedi

224. Kathak is the classical dance of which state?
Ans:- Uttar Pradesh

225. What was the capital of Tipu Sultan?
Ans:- Srirangapatna

226. Which is the hardest substance?
Ans:- Diamond

227. Who invented dynamite?
Ans:- Alfred Noble

228. With which musical instrument is Bismillah Khan related?
Ans:- Shehnai

229. Oscar award is related to which field?
Ans:- Film

230. Which general ordered the firing in Jallianwala Bagh?
Ans:- Michael O'Dwyer

231. What was the ancient name of Patna?
Ans:- Pataliputra

232. Who built the Red Fort in Delhi?
Ans:- Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan

233. Where is the Netaji Subhash National Institute of Sports situated?
Ans:- Patiala

234. With which game is the Aga Khan Cup related?
Ans:- Hockey

235. In which state is the Bandipur Sanctuary located?
Ans:- Karnataka

236. Who invented the steam engine?
Ans:- James Watt

237. Who invented the radio?
Ans:- Italy resident Marconi

238. Who was the first Home Minister of India?
Ans:- Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

239. Who is the first woman prime minister of the world?
Ans:- Sirimavo Bandaranaike

240. To which era does the Harappan civilization belong?
Ans:- Bronze Age

241. Which Mughal ruler started the "Din-e-Ilahi" religion?
Ans:- Akbar

242. Why does the Sun appear red at the time of rising and setting?
Ans:- Because the scattering of red color is the least

243. What is the height of the geostationary satellite from the earth?
Ans:- 36000 kilometer

244. Who discovered the smallpox vaccine?
Ans:- Edward Jenner

245. Who discovered the rabies vaccine?
Ans:- Louis Pasteur

246. Due to which bacteria curd is formed from milk?
Ans:- Lacto Bacillus

247. What is the frequency of ultrasonic waves?
Ans:- More than 20000 Hz

248. On what principle does the atomic bomb work?
Ans:- Nuclear fission

249. What is the unit of electric current?
Ans:- Ampere

250. Which mineral is necessary to control the heartbeat?
Ans:- Potassium

251. Who discovered penicillin?
Ans:- Alexander Fleming

252. From which plant is the medicine for malaria 'kunin' obtained?
Ans:- Cinchona

253. Which is the biggest flower in the world?
Ans:- Rafflesia

254. Which is the largest living bird?
Ans:- Ostrich

255. Which animal was first domesticated by man?
Ans:- Dog

256. From which game is the term LBW derived?
Ans:- Cricket

257. Which layer of the atmosphere protects us from the ultraviolet rays coming from the Sun?
Ans:- Ozone

258. After which war did Emperor Ashoka convert to Buddhism?
Ans:- Kalinga war

259. Which is the central bank of India?
Ans:- Reserve Bank of India

260. Where is the Salarjung Museum?
Ans:- Hyderabad

261. Who has been the Chief Minister for the longest time in India?
Ans:- Jyoti Basu (West Bengal)

262. At what temperature the Celsius and Fahrenheit temperatures are equal?
Ans:- -40 degree

263. Bronze is an alloy of?
Ans:- Copper and Tin

264. Duleep Trophy is related to which game?
Ans:- Cricket

265. What will be the full expansion of LPG?
Ans:- Liquefied Petroleum Gas

266. Who wrote the book 'Gita Rahasya'?
Ans:- Bal Gangadhar Tilak

267. How many members of Rajya Sabha are elected after every 2 years?
Ans:- One-third

268. How many years is the term of American President?
Ans:- Four years

269. Ayodhya is situated on the bank of which river?
Ans:- Saryu

270. Who founded Jaipur?
Ans:- Raja Sawai Jai Singh of Amer

271. Durand Cup is related to which game?
Ans:- Football

272. To whom was the Nobel Prize for Literature instituted in 1907 awarded?
Ans:- Rudyard Kipling

273. In whose reign did the Moroccan traveler Ibn Battuta come to India?
Ans:- Mohammad bin Tughlaq

274. Who was the first law minister of India?
Ans:- Dr.Bhimrao Ambedkar

275. Who was the author of 'Abhigyan Shakuntalam'?
Ans:- Kalidas

276. When is Labor Day celebrated?
Ans:- 1st May

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