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How to write a complaint letter to any organization in English 2023

How to write a complaint letter in English :- A complaint letter is a letter that expresses injustice, discrimination or informal behavior of a citizen or someone else. Any citizen can get the solution of the problem by writing to the concerned department, collector, police, school institution or Chief Minister through complaint letter.

While writing the complaint letter, it is necessary for the citizens to take care of some essential things. For example, write the problem clearly in the complaint letter so that appropriate action can be taken. Also, mention the date of the incident while writing the complaint letter, so that there is no problem in the hearing due to delay.

So in today's article we will share how to write a complaint letter in English Citizens can voluntarily apply to any department by writing a complaint letter in English. In this post, we have shared the format of the complaint letter, understanding which you can write a complaint letter to any department or organization.

Complaint Letter
Complaint Letter

How to write any department complaint letter in English? 

To write a complaint letter in English, mention the name of the department or organization as well as write your name and personal details. Also, express the incident in a clear manner so that appropriate action can be taken.

Format of how to write a complaint letter in English


Respected Superintendent of Police,

Shri Rampur, Amreli.

Subject – Land related dispute complaint letter.


My name is Vishnu Kumar Tiwari and I am a resident of Shrirampur village. For the last few days, a land related dispute has arisen between me and Vikas Kumar of my village. This controversy is not taking the name of stopping and I and my family are getting constant threats by Vikas Kumar ji.

Sir, I request you to do justice to this land dispute as soon as possible. I have written the police station FIRB regarding this related dispute but till now no action has been taken by the police. Due to this land related dispute, my children's education is facing a lot of problem and my wife is also being harassed while going to the market. I am writing this complaint letter to you for not getting cooperation from the police. I have full faith that you will solve this dispute soon.


Vishnu Kumar Tiwari,


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The most effective method to compose a Complaint letter - in English


The Inspector of Police,

Vilaspur Police Station,

Subject: Compliant Letter for Threatening

Sir I go by Vikramjit Singh and I live in Baitalpur. I'm an administration representative. Throughout the previous few days, many individuals in my territory play amplifiers boisterously. I asked individuals to turn down the amplifiers, yet they actually utilize the amplifiers boisterously.

People are facing a lot of trouble due to this noise pollution in the locality. That's why I am writing this complaint letter to you which is also signed by many people in the locality. I trust that you will address this grumbling letter given by me at the earliest opportunity.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,


Contact information:- 98452XXXXX

Complaint letter on stopping the use of loudspeaker till late night 

Mr. Senior Society President,

Subject- Complaint letter on using sound equipment (loudspeaker) till late night


It is requested that I am a member of Block-B living in Nikunj Society. Nowadays, loudspeakers are being played very loudly for many hours late in the night. Doing so is against the public interest, causing a lot of trouble to my family members and many members of this floor. All of us Block-B members have explained them properly, but still those kids are not giving up their bullying. 

I want to tell you that there are total 6 members in my family. I have my parents, my wife and my 2 small children. My aged parents are unable to sleep properly due to this noise. And because of my younger son's exams, he is unable to concentrate on his studies because of the loud sound of these instruments. Me and my wife both do jobs, but due to the mischief of these children in the night, we are facing many problems. This is not only my problem but all the members living in Block-B are facing this problem. 

So sir, on behalf of all the people, I request you to try to solve this problem as soon as possible.
Below are the names and signatures of all those members who are facing this problem.

Name and signature of the members of the society

Naman Sharma
Proyog Mishra
Sandeep Chauhan
monu kadam
Janaki Mathur
Kandarp Solanki
Thank you

Apoorva Mishra
Nikunj Society
“Block-B” – 32
Complaint Letter to Police Commissioner
Complaint Letter to Police Commissioner 

Summary - How do I write a complaint application?

While writing a complaint letter to any institution, the citizen has to clearly write the complaint so that action can be taken as soon as possible. Complaint against headmaster, complaint for electricity theft, complaint against public servant, complaint against village head, complaint letter to dentist, corruption complaint letter format, mental harassment complaint letter can be easily applied by writing.

You can choose any format of Hindi or English to write the complaint letter. Therefore, how to write an effective complaint letter, you can apply by looking at the format mentioned above. I hope you have understood the above format of complaint letter.

Thank you How did you like this letter? Do tell us in the comment box. And if you want a letter on any other topic, then give us its information in the comment box or you can also send it to us at

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