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Everyone wants a job that is either fun or relaxing. No one wants a job that constantly takes shots to the head.
Some people get frustrated with this and quit the job. Some leave the old job and look for a new job. In short, new joining and redesigning are two things that go on continuously.

When someone leaves, then the HR department has to find a new person to replace him. It is the job of the company's management to retain those people or to get good work from them. However, many people still get tired of the companies. Many people quit their jobs only because of the boss's anger and frustration.

In fact, this kind of thing happens quite often. This has become a common thing. That's why we see so many boss jokes and memes on social media.

Now one such matter has gone viral on social media. An employee who is disgusted with a job or a boss resigns from his position. However, the manner in which he used this resignation is currently the subject of debate. In fact, people express their resignation in a very formal way.

Mail and its language are very important in the corporate world. A company wants to ram-ram by using formal language even while resigning. However, this paper has only made the limit.

Why do People Quit Jobs ?

There can be many reasons for leaving a job, long distance from home to work, low and irregular wages. Many reasons can be responsible for leaving a job, such as disputes with managers and co-workers or illness.

Due to rising unemployment, it has become difficult to get a job these days. So from getting a job to keeping a job is a big exercise. While working, we have to face many problems like overwork, long stay in the office, arguments with colleagues, scheming of the boss, but we have to endure all of them to keep the job.

A job has become a means of livelihood as much as a profession. Some people are forced to work to meet the basic needs of daily life, and sometimes the wages are low and irregular.

In class 9th and class 10th English subject paper writing section, write a letter on the topic of resignation letter is definitely asked, so this information is very useful for school students in terms of study. Today this article provides information on how to write a resignation letter/resignation letter to the concerned manager.
Resign Letter
Job Resignation Letter

Samples of Resignation Letters in English :- 

Sample letter 1:

Suresh Kumar,
culture apartment,
Pune 30 31 12.                           

Dear Manager,
IT Solutions Private Limited,
Pune 30 31 12.

Subject: Resignation letter regarding leaving job

Dear Sir,

I am Suresh Prem Kumar working as Computer Operator in your company and due to some personal reasons I am unable to attend work, so I am resigning from the post of Computer Operator on 10/1/2021. 
I am very grateful to you for giving me the opportunity to work in your company. While working as a computer operator, I learned many new things and got valuable guidance from the manager and fellow employees. 
So I am very thankful to all of you, the opportunity you have given me has made a lot of progress in my personal life as well as in my professional life. I feel that your valuable guidance will become a new role model in my life.


Your humble

Suresh Kumar

Sample Letter : 2

Mrs. Madhuri Anant Deshmukh
201 Kapilvastu Society, M. Gandhi Road,
City 1.
26 October 2019.

To, Principal / General Manager,
Sharda Engineering Pvt.Ltd.,
M. Gandhi Road,
City 2.

Subject:- Resignation of office

Hon'ble General Manager / Principal,
I, Mrs. Madhuri Anant Deshmukh, Senior Clerk, is applying due to distressed heart that due to some domestic reasons, it will not be possible to come to work. Therefore, I am resigning from the post of Senior Clerk with effect from November 26, 2019. I am giving one month notice as per your company rules.

I have had a great time here and progressed in my professional and personal life with the help and opportunities you have given me over the past twenty years. I thank you and my colleagues from the bottom of my heart for that and I will be forever grateful.

I would be happy to help explain my work and responsibilities to the person taking my place. Even later, if needed, I will attend promptly if called upon.

Sorry assuming I committed any errors or harmed anybody.

Your address
Madhuri Anant Deshmukh.

Sample Letter 3 - 

Mister. Madhav Anant Deshmukh
201, Dinkar Ashish Society,
LBS Marg,
City 1.
d. 11 October 2019.

Heramb Engineering Co. Ltd. Pvt. Ltd.,
City 2.

Subject:- Resignation of office

Honorable General Manager,
I, Mr. Madhav Anant Deshmukh, wishes to apply that, I d. My supervisor is resigning from this position from 11th November 2019. I am giving this one month notice as per your company rules.

I have been working in your organization for the beyond twenty years. I am deeply saddened to report that I have not been given any promotion for the past several years despite the assurance of my competence and integrity. People younger than me were considered. My request for pay hike last year was also rejected. So I am leaving this company even though I don't want to. I have no objection and no ill feelings towards anyone.

I request that whatever amount is due from my Provident Fund (PF) be paid to me as soon as possible. Also I am ready to give any help to the person working after me.

I'm sorry if I've made any mistakes or hurt anyone over the past twenty years.

Madhav Anant Deshmukh.


This blog is overall for Job person or for Employees Working in an IT Company or any other companies who is not happy with his job or want to leave his or her job for any other reasons. I'll provide you with more such Blogs which is very helpful for people's. Hope you guys liked this Article. If soo Share with others too.

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