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Hey, are you looking for Letter Writing In English Format & Samples? If Yes, then here you will get all types of English Letter Writing Format & Samples Only for You.

Just as we write different types of application letters in Hindi, we also write different types of application letters in English. Below we have a sample of some of them English letters, which you can use as you need.

Letter Writing In English, English Letter Writing Format, English Official Letters, Leave Letter In English

The types of English Letters that can be are – 

  • English leave letter
  • personal letter
  • English formal letter
  • English official letters
  • Informal letter
  • letter for school
  • Invitation letter
  • Social letter
  • Tc letter
  • Banking related English letter writing
  • Letter for father & mother
  • Experience letter.

Letter Writing In English | English Letter Writing Format & Samples

Letter Writing in English
Letter Writing

Sample Of Formal Letter In English




[Name of Organization],



Dear Sir/Madam,

I am truly grateful to have your warm presence in (place). We would be honored if you would come to (name of occasion) and would be more than happy with your auspicious presence.

It is hereby notified that the Event will commence at [Venue Address] from [Event Start Time] to [Occasion Date].

I really want to believe that you will actually want to save a few time and join the occasion. And I hope you will give positive feedback. Your presence is important to us.

thank you

yours truly,

[Name and Signature].

Formal Letter Writing Format In English

[Name of Sender],

[address of sender],


[Name of Recipient / Consignee],

[address of recipient],

[Company / School / College Name]


Hello (Dear Sir/Madam)

The body of the letter

[Here you can write 2 or 3 paragraphs including reason]

Complementary termination

[Name of Sender],



Samples Of Leave Letter In English


[Name of Recipient],

[Name of Organization / Company],



Subject: Re letter for six days leave.

Dear Mr. / M.S. [Recipient Name]:

I am writing to request a letter from you for six days leave from _____ (write your start date) to ______ (write your end date) as I have to attend to my health emergency urgently.

Please let me know if you need more information or have any queries on my mobile number.

Thank you very much for your consideration.

your trusty,


[your signature],

[your contact details],


Letter Writing in English For Bank Manager


Branch Manager,

[Bank Name],

[Branch Address],

Date:- Date/Month/Year

Subject: Bank Statement Application Letter.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I _____ [insert name] am writing this letter of application to inform you that I have a savings account in your bank branch. My account number is ____________ [write your account number]. I want to tell you that I urgently need my last year bank account statement to file income tax. [Here you can specify your own reason]

So, please provide me my last year [change time as per your need] bank account statement. So I can record my personal expense without any problem.

I am very grateful to your bank account for considering my request.

Thanks in advance.

Your confidant

your name

[Account Details],

[Address with PIN],

[Mobile Number].

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School Leave Letter In English



(Name of School),

(School Address).

subject– Leave an application for fever

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am _____ [insert your name], a student of class ______ [insert your class and section]. I am writing this request letter to apply for a few days sick leave from ______ [start date] to ______ [end date]. I'm experiencing high fever since the previous evening.

Looking forward to hearing from you,


your trusty,

[your name],

[Telephone Number].

Informal Letter In English Samples

A casual letter is the specific inverse of a conventional letter. We compose casual letters just when we want to impart in an individual manner. For example, the type of letter written to friends, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, or relatives, they can be an example of a formal letter. Below are some sample English informal letters that you can see.

English letter writing
English Letter Writing

English Informal Letter Samples


[friend's name],

[friend's address],


Subject: Birthday party invitation. (informal letter)

Dear ____ [your friend's name],

how are you How are your family members? How is the weather there? Hope you are doing well. I'm fine here.

I am writing this letter to invite you to my birthday party, which will be celebrated on ________ [mention your birthday date]. A party will be held in my home village. It will start at 5 pm. My village address is __________ [mention your village address].

Please try to come on my Braithday, because this is the time to see you people. Also, I have a lot to tell you and expect the same from you. Hope to see you soon.

thank you

Yours with love

[your name],

[Contact Details].

Personal Letter Writing In English

Personal Letter Writing In English, English Letter Writing Format, Formal Letter In English

Leave Letter In English For Marriage



(Name of your school),

(your school address).


Subject- Leave application for marriage in English.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am ______ (enter your name), student of ______ (enter your class and department). I am writing this letter to tell you that my cousin recently got married next ______ [mention wedding date]. Unable to come to school for 4 days due to all wedding events.

I request you to provide me 4 days leave please. I really want to believe that you will think about my solicitation.


your trusty,

(your name),


(Mobile Number).

Letter Writing In English For Mother

[Write Your Mother's Address Here]

Dear my beautiful mother,

Trust you are getting along admirably and healthy. Hope dad is doing well too. I'm doing good here. It's been quite a while since we've seen one another. I am planning to come home during the upcoming vacation. I anticipate seeing you soon.

Your beloved son/daughter,


English Letter Writing For Father


[your father's name],

[home address],


Dear my father,

I really want to believe that you know Father, that I am so honored to have you in my life! I am so glad to be your little girl. You are the one person who always encourages me to reach for the stars. I am grateful for all the things you prepared me for.

I want to believe that you will actually want to save a few time and join the occasion. And I hope you will give positive feedback. Your presence is important to us.

You will always be loved!

[Name and Signature].

FAQ's On Letter Writing In English

1) What is the informal letter in English?

Answer: Usually, we write informal letters in English to our friends, family or relatives. This is personal fashion writing. You can compose this with somebody with whom you don't have an expert relationship, in spite of the fact that it doesn't bar colleagues or workers with whom you are well disposed.

2) How to write in English leave letter?

Answer: [Beneficiary's Name], Sir/Lady, I'm composing this letter to illuminate you that I can not come to work from [Start Date] to [End Date] as a result of my viral fever. Benevolently award me leave for the previously mentioned dates. Much obliged to you.

3) What is the English Letter Writing Format?

Answer: There are many types of letters in English. E.g. Formal Letters, Informal Letters, letters for School, Circular letters, Letter for College, Leave letter in English, English Official Letters, Invitation letters, Formal Letter In English, Complaint letters, Tc Letter In English, Experience Letters, Recommendation letters.

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