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Love is a beautiful feeling in the life of all of us, it is an important part of our life, love is what makes all of us special, in the eyes of our loved ones.

Everyone wants to stand out and be the most dear to someone and it is possible for us only when we dedicate ourselves to the other person in the same way.

Hello Friends, Welcome to our blog, today we have brought Love Letter in English in this post, with the help of which you can tell your words to someone by writing your words, as well as you will know about some important things related to it. yes hope you will like it.

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Love Letters
Love Letters

Love Letter For Girlfriend in English-

Sample 1 :- 

Dear Anshika,

Today I have something to say to you, perhaps even after so many years I have not got the courage to say so many things in front of you without stopping.

You always have a complaint that I speak less, you are also right to say this, now look at this, this is the most important part of my life, but my lips are not supporting me to tell it.

They say that it is easier to tell by writing than speaking, to tell the truth, it is very relaxing for me because I am writing what ever I want to say to you.

That's why I want to say with the help of words, today I want to tell you all my feelings… I don't know how am I? Am I good, or bad, I just know that I love you, people just say but I love you beyond the limit of madness.

I want to spend my whole life, being with you, talking to you a lot, but this distance breaks my every desire, but even after this I do not give up because we have to be one and stay together forever.

I have to live every moment with you, this is my promise to myself since I saw you for the first time.

Every destination of mine, every path will be the same where your steps will walk with me, where your steps will stop with me… I am waiting for your answer.


Rajesh Varma

Sample 2 :- 

Dear Shruti,

For a long time my heart wanted to say something to you… but my mind had stopped it, now when this thing was troubling me inside, I thought why not put my heart on my lips…

By the way, I didn't have the courage to tell you by speaking, so I am telling you in writing, it doesn't matter what you think about it.

Just know that whenever I used to go to talk to you, I don't know why my heart used to start beating fast and my mind could not understand anything.

Just because it is written that when you smile, my heart smiles….and yes, if you ever get upset…then don't think that I will turn away, rather I will support you even in the dark by being your shadow, I myself will stand in front of you I will save you from every trouble.

I don't like you, I want only you, with whom I can tell everything, I have started loving you.. I want to spend the rest of my life with you..


Shashank Tiwari

Love Letter for Boyfriend in English-

Sample 1 :-  

Dear Kalpesh,

I don't know whether you will be happy after reading this letter or not, but to tell you the truth, ever since I have seen you, you keep appearing in my dreams like this.

Many times I thought that all these will keep coming in my mind, slowly everything will be alright, but when someone feels good in such a way for whom one can surrender everything, then it is not easy to forget him.

For me you are the one who is not easy to forget and know that it is not right if the matter of the heart is wrong every time.

After thinking a lot, I have tried to write this letter, to tell the truth, I have started liking you, I could not dare to speak in front of you, so I am resorting to words.

I don't know whether you like me or not… but I have a great desire to know, waiting for your answer.



Sample 2 :- 

Dear Nitesh,

I have a lot to say in my mind, I don't understand where to start, I can't go without saying it.

Ever since I have seen you, heard your words…. A feeling of belongingness has arisen in my mind, perhaps which is called love.

The love that I have seen in your eyes, which I can get to support me for life, I felt it and wrote it all…. What is in your mind and who knows better than you, but whatever it is, do answer.

I will be eagerly waiting for it….


Aditi Jain

Love Letter for Wife in English–

Sample 1 :-  


My Better Half


Today we have completed 5 years of marriage but when I think about this day, it seems like it was just yesterday.

To be honest, I can never repay you for fulfilling every wish of my life since you came into my life.

I have lived and known every aspect of life with you in these 5 years, I can say that no one is better than you.

I am going to tell you for the first time that ever since I saw you for the first time, I had decided to spend my life with you before marriage.

Just want to say that you keep smiling like this every day, so that this smile remains forever, I am ready to fulfill your every wish.

your soul mate


Sample 2 :-  


My Better Half


You have filled my life with lots of happiness ever since we got married, today we have been married _ _ _ years.

But it seems as it has been just a few days, I have learned and learned a lot in life by being with you, all the dreams I had seen in my life with you have come true.

Today, on the occasion of this anniversary, I just want to tell you that keep me in your heart like this, you are the better half of my life and I am incomplete without you.

They don't say that "if someone is with you, you never know when the journey passes" I feel exactly the same way about your company, I believe that you will accompany me until the end of my life… .


Sanket Singh

Love Letters for BF-GF
Love Letters for Wife

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Love Letter for Husband in English–

Sample 1 :-  


My Beloved Husband,

Sanjeev Kumar

One day in everyone's life such an opportunity of marriage definitely comes when two people are tied in the bond of marriage, after that they become each other forever.

Ever since you came into my life, all the dreams I had made earlier have come true, I don't want anything more.

May your support be with me in this journey of life just like this, may your hand be in mine, may your blessings always be with me, that's all I ask from you even today.

Today on this wedding anniversary, you have organized this party, to be honest, seeing this, my heart is so happy that I cannot express it.

I don't want anything else, just keep me in your heart like this….


Better Half

Shalini Kumar

Sample 2 :-  


My Beloved Husband

Anish Kumar Verma

It is said that when someone gets married, there is completeness in her life, whatever dreams a girl has, are fulfilled by her husband.

Ever since you came into my life, you have made me complete, sometimes I think that all this is not a fantasy, but as soon as I realize the reality, I come to know, yes it is all true.

Today I have no words for you, to say… All I can say is that I love you very much, I get the privilege of being your life partner, so I consider myself very lucky, that I got a partner like you.

Today on this anniversary, we have been married _ _ _ years, but it seems like just yesterday.

The way you have given me love, my every wish is fulfilled, God Hare, everyone's wish is fulfilled like this, today all I would like to say is that keep including me in your life like this, because now without you I am nothing, my None exist.

May happiness keep raining in your life like this…


Better Half

Deepika Verma

Letter for best friend


Mr. Deepanshu

I still remember when we first met, in school days when I first met you, reading a book.

How many years have passed since that day, but it seems as if it was just yesterday, how many years of life we have spent together, but there comes a time when two friends separate from each other, For the sake of their respective dreams.

Today we are separated because of our jobs, there will come a time when we will be busy in our own world, our world will be separated.

Then where will it be possible to meet like this, those memories of childhood evenings will remain only memories, our hanging out will be limited only to stories.

So far I have learned that friendship never ends, this time is over which will not be found again in life.

This life is so strange isn't it… Sometimes I think that from where did we start this life and where will we go, I don't know.

your friend

Anupam Kumar Verma

Love Letter in English

Everyone falls in love sometime in life and it is also necessary because love is such a feeling that becomes a memory of a lifetime and we are taught those things which are useful throughout life and taking care of others in them. is one of the

It is not necessary that love should be only between a boyfriend and girlfriend, love can be between anyone, mother-son, father-son, boyfriend-girlfriend, husband-wife, teacher-student, between two friends. also happens.

But the only difference in all of these is.. .. that its meaning changes everywhere but the feeling remains the same that the one who is dear to us should always be happy, stay with us and this happiness should not decrease between us. love letter in English.

You also want that the love between the two does not decrease, then she can do something that the relationship of love between you two will always remain green as it used to be before.

And one of those efforts is to write a letter, many times it happens that we are not able to say anything after seeing someone in front, no matter how easily other people say things, but when it comes to those things which are important to us. If it is important then often the sound does not come out of the mouth of the people.

In such a situation, the easiest way is to tell your heart by writing through words, which people have been doing for years and this method works even today.

So, today we are giving information about some such letters which you can write in your letter and impress the person in front –

Keep these things in mind while giving love letter –

1. Note that if you are giving anything in writing to such a boy/girl and against the will of the person in front, then it is not considered a decent way, it is not the right thing to give a letter to someone against his will, you are in public. Don't do this in place at all.

2. It is necessary to introduce yourself to whoever you are giving the letter to, use this only when you are not able to say anything by speaking.

3. Many times it happens that in this matter you are in a hurry, first understand whether you really need it or not, I mean… when you are not really able to speak your heart.

4. Whenever you are giving something in writing to your partner, then you must also give some other thing along with it like-rose flower, chocolate, or any small gift, but keep in mind that the gift should not be bigger than a letter in size, your Pay attention to the letter, not the gift.

5. Try that both of you are present or at least people are present while giving love letter to your partner, you can also give without informing, but before doing this, see if there is any anger in front of your act. Will not happen.

6. Always remember the first rule and follow it always 🙂

How to write love letter in English?

Many times it happens that we are not able to speak anything seeing someone in front, in such a situation the easiest way is to express our heart by writing through words, today we are giving information about some such letters. Which you can write in your letter and impress the person in front –

What is love letter?

Love letter, also known as Prem Patra, is given by the lover to the beloved or by the beloved to the lover, through which they share their heart with each other.

How to give love letter?

Whenever you give a love letter to someone, keep in mind some things about which we have talked about in this article, you can read it by clicking on the link.

Who is called love?

Love is such a relationship between two hearts when the hearts that come close to each other get connected.

Who is called love?

Love is a strong relation between two hearts, it is not necessary that love should be only between a lover and a girlfriend, love can be between anyone, mother-son, father-son, lover-girlfriend, husband- Wife, teacher-student, also happens between two friends, it has different meanings among different people.

Summary Of Article –

So friends, how did you like this article about Love Letter in English, do tell us and if you have any question or suggestion related to this topic, do not forget to write it in the comment box below.

Thank you!! 

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