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Intro :-

Friends, today we have brought short love letter for girlfriend. You saw in our previous post how to write love letter. If you cannot praise your girlfriend so well in front of her or you want to say something special to your girlfriend and want to remember her forever, then love letter can be a good medium.

Some samples of Short love letter for girlfriend will be given to you further. Before that, think about what you like best about your girlfriend or what you want to say to her. The feeling of your heart that you really feel for her. It can be different for everyone.

Write about what has changed in your life and thinking after the arrival of your girlfriend. It is considered best if the love letter is at least two pages.

Short Love Letter for Girlfriend 

Short Love Letter for Girlfriend
Short Love Letter for Girlfriend

Short Love Letter for Girlfriend Sample 1 :- 

Hello darling

How are you ?

love you so much darling

You know me, how am I, I cannot talk openly about my heart, so today I am writing the condition of my heart in this letter. From the day you came into my life, my outlook on life has changed. I don't know whether I am good or bad.

But I love you very much. Every difficulty seems easy with you, even thorns seem like flowers.

I still remember the day when we met for the first time and I got the reason to live (you). I know I do many mistakes and then we fight too, but later our love also grows. I promise you that no matter how much we fight or get angry, I will never stop caring for you and neither will you.

I want to spend my whole life in your arms. I need to accompany you till the finish of my life. I just want to spend every moment, happiness, every sorrow with you. I am a little forgetful, a little naive, but I love you very much. I couldn't imagine living without you.

Whenever I meet you, I forget all my troubles and sorrows. Your lovely smile shows me a new way to live. Whenever I am down and low, a picture of you brings back the smile on my face.

  I just want to be yours, only yours and only yours and you just be mine, only mine and only mine.

                                                                                                             I love you so much sweetheart

Short Love Letter for Girlfriend Sample 2 :-

 Hello, baby

 How are you

Today I want to tell you many things. I can do this even while sitting in front of you, but today I want to tell you the condition of my heart in writing. You always have a complaint with me that I never praise you. Do you know when you look most beautiful? When you show angry eyes, and when you speak irritated, you look very cute.

You get angry at every point, make me apologize even for your mistake, make me do the work which I don't like. Never introduce my friend to me and I like to be possessive. I love everything about you. The way you care for me and understand me, hardly anyone has been able to understand me till date and neither do I want anyone else to understand me except you.

  Taking care of my every small and big need so closely. Take care of my likes and dislikes more than me. Getting angry on unnecessary things, acting like children and making a cute face always reminds me of you. I love you from the profundities of my heart. you always be mine

                                                                                                                           I love you so much baby
Love letter for gf
Love letter for gf

Short Love Letter for Girlfriend Sample 3 :-

Hello sweetheart how are you?

It's been quite a while since I met you. Seeing your face, my heart is starting to yearn to meet you. You come to me as soon as possible. I can't tolerate this distance anymore. In the event that you don't come then I will come. I am going crazy to hug you. You can't imagine how much I love being with you. I am engrossed in your remembrance round the clock. I spend every moment looking at your picture and keep dreaming of meeting you. Don't know why we have become so distant, what kind of problem is this which is not going away.

Every dream comes to me only of you and I want to make these dreams come true. Your smiling face keeps dangling in my eyes. I don't feel well without you. That's the only time in my day that goes well. When I talk to you on the phone My life is passing by seeing your photo.

Everywhere I see only your face. I am suffering in your memories like a fish without water. Now don't make me wait more, you come to meet me quickly, I love you very much. Miss you so much.

                                                                                                                        i love you so much my love


How to write a love letter?

To write a love letter, we have to express our heart in words. What has changed in our life since our boyfriend and girlfriend came into our life till now. What are our memorable moments which have made a home in each other's heart. All this we have to write with the selection of good words. The love letter should not be too long so that the person in front is interested in reading it and it should not be so short that it gets over as soon as it is read. A good love letter should be about 2 pages.

How to write an emotional love letter?

To write an emotional love letter, first of all, we should write down our emotion in one place by choosing the words properly, then it should be put down comfortably in our love letter. He has never written a whole love letter to us in one go. We have to write emotional love letters on different days, giving little time. The thoughts that come to our mind change everyday, due to which we will be able to write better love letters.

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