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We must love love with love and receive it with love. Is it madness to want the love of the one we like? It doesn't matter if our feelings are hurt, but we should act so as not to hurt the hearts of those we love. Even if we are sad, we should make sure that they are happy. These are the feelings that an ideal lover should have. Anyway, look at the first love letter given to her...

“My smiles know how to dream of you. My heart knows how to love you. But my naughty lips don't dare to express my love for you”. For that reason, I have embarked on the adventure of writing love letters even in the SMS age of the mobile world. February-14 A festive celebration for loving hearts. Even if that day doesn't come, I look forward to traveling with you. There is a lot of haste in wooing you too. So love is knocking at the door of your heart.

Best Love Letters
Best Love Letters

You Are My Dream Heroine

You are the heroine of my Nayanagopuram dreams. But I am not sure whether I am your dream hero or not. I have longed to sing like a cuckoo and fly as high as a kite. But who will sing my song? Who can be the master of my flight? The questions were haunting. As soon as I saw you, all my questions were answered. For that, I am asking you to take a small bath in your vast heart. Love it or hate it if you like. There is no impulse from my side.

When I realized that I had forgotten myself since seeing you, I was sure that this goblin had stolen my heart. I was very happy when I realized that you are the cactus that stole my heart. What is the use of being a sage if you are happy with love? I want to walk with you even if I forget the words of the dream, but I don't forget the words of the mind. Building a little nest of love in your wide heart, singing your own song, asking for a great opportunity to sail with you in the boat of life.

Unconditional Love

I can come up with a million reasons why I'm “not in love with you” just for fun. But I can't give a single reason why I "love only you". Because I am only your lover, not a lover. "I am loving you with all my heart for your beauty, for your opulence. I don't say that you should first realize that what I love is a slave to your good, naive, childlike innocent mind. I want to believe that you understand what this implies.

Although there are many gases in our atmosphere, humans need oxygen to survive. Similarly, even though there are millions of beautiful people in this world, I need the breath of your love to immerse myself in life like oxygen in my breath. When you are so much in my heart, I have a small wish to have my name in at least one corner of your heart. Because my breath is in you.

Let's Make Names Till We Breathe

"Let's make names till we breathe. Let's help until we become friends. You have to fight until you have courage. I have to love you till the end of my life. These desires are like parachutes. It belongs to you whether you fill it with the air of your love and make it fly in the blue sky, or pierce it with a needle of longing. You swear my love in person. But don't doubt it in the back of your mind.

If the love of this pure minded mad lover seems to you to be an insensitive accusation, hate me if you want. But don't hate my love. Because those who love die, there is no love. There can be bad lovers but there is no bad love. Love is always sacred. Also, I don't mind if you are labeled as a murderer or a murderer who killed holy love.

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Closing Words

Even if you hate me, I don't love you but Matya. Because the heart can be changed, but not the love in the heart. I think that these words will resonate with you who have studied science.

Don't think I'm kidding you. I am directly sharing with you the feeling of love that has arisen in my mind without knowing it. Please don't get upset or angry. Let me state your decision directly. I'm happy with whatever decision you make.

Samples Of Love Letter :-

Love Letter To Girl By Boy

Oh dear..!

Buji can't talk to me lovingly.. but can love madly. I always want my loved ones to be happy. That's why I love life.

I may not have love in my words, but in my heart there is love to die for. No matter how far you are from me, you will always be in my heart. To be happy in life means not needing possessions. It is enough to be accompanied by a loving man who considers us as property. There is nothing worth in this world.. except the love I get from you..

If I speak to my mind.. the first thing it will say.. is that you are my favorite..

If the look you look forward to is for me, if every moment you spend is for me.. if every thought you think is for me.. my life is dedicated to you..

A lover of dreams writing with heart full of love

Lot's of Love

Love Letter From Boy To Girl

I can't speak or write normally, maybe because I fell in love. As soon as the sun appears.. Padma immediately reveals her love without waiting till noon. Even the canal expresses its love at the sight of the moon. All nature is bold and bold, only man is waiting for a time to say and do something.

I am writing this letter taking inspiration from nature. The moment I saw you, my heart was full.. I want you to be with me all the time. Give your opinion without giving your mind to someone else. If you have given your heart to someone else, keep silent..

I will wait for a lifetime considering your silence as half consent..

Oh lover

Last Words

"Though you have a big heart that loved the world, you were not able to love me," don't you cry. If you don't like me, girlfriend, don't think, "Every teardrop that falls from my eyes is filled with the song of your memory", if you don't like me, then complain about me. But don't get angry. Because if your heart hurts, my heart will stop beating. It doesn't make any difference in the event that you don't cherish me. At last you have read my love letter, it is enough for me, I will wait for your reply. One last word from me to you though,

""Sweetheart, any place you are, be with whomever you need.. But you are always smiling and good”. This is yours

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