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Welcome to this complicated world of love to all lovers.

Today, many people's heart beat faster and many people want to express their love to their loved one. Today we are going to see how to write a love letter. Be it a poet or a simple person, everyone has the same question that how to write a good love letter? All are equally confused in the matter.

"Hey everyone (including others) if you take some time to think about these aspects you'll be able to compose a truly heartfelt love letter."

How to Write Love Letter
Love Letters

Point 1 :-  Use good quality paper (mostly cream or white) to write the letter. Along with it, use a pen with black or chocolate colored ink. Do not use a pen with blue, green or red ink at all. Keep in mind the person you are writing this love letter to. , that individual is exceptionally extraordinary to you. So a handwritten letter is best. Because it is your private letter.

Point 2 :-Now go to a secluded place and start soft, romantic music. It is better if there is silence in the place of writing.

..this is make your mood a bit romantic.

Point 3 :- Don't forget to note the day, month and year on your love letter. This way, the authenticity of the letter is convincing and such references are remembered while reminiscing back and forth.

Point 4 :- Start the letter properly and don't be too formal. Start with your loved one's name.

E.g. Dear****** (Here ******* I have given as an example, do not immediately assume that it is the name of my loved one.)

Point 5 :- Start the love letter by stating the reason for writing the letter.


Dear ****,

For the past many nights, I have woken up in your memories. Because I don't have enough words to express my feelings to you. Every time you want to tell me what I feel about you, but when you come in front of me, I forget the exact words and blurt out. I I can't give you the moon, the stars, I can only tell you from the bottom of my heart, I love you so much. I love you"

Point 6 :- When writing a letter, don't guess what your loved one is feeling or underestimate yourself.

Eg "You don't feel that way about me".

     "You must think I'm crazy."

Avoid such a sentence in the letter as it can lead to wrong interpretation.

Point 7 :- While writing the body of the letter, give sufficient reasons why you fell in love with that person.


*Recollect a time when you fell in love

*What good changes did it make in your life?

*Describe how much you "miss" the person when you are not around them.

* Explain in detail how you cannot live without that person.

*Mention some qualities that you both have in common (not the qualities in the paper, the qualities in your nature)

*Also write down how great you feel when you are with that person.

*Reminisce about some beautiful moments you spent with that person.

* Mention the characteristics of that person that distinguish that person from others.

Point 8 :- A love letter is to be written to express the tender and unexpressed feelings of your heart, so the language should be good. If you feel like, use the lines of poetry at the right place. If you use the internet, you will get the right lines of poetry that will fit well in your love letter.

Point 9 :- Write it are writing this love letter to express your love to your loved one, don't write a letter that sounds fake and will make the person laugh when they read it. So write what is true from your heart.

After writing the letter for the first time, don't send it immediately, read it again, correct if there are any mistakes. Then write it again and send it.

Point 10 :- End the letter with care.

E.g. "I composed what I needed to say in the letter. Now I finish the letter and dream about our future life."

Always end the letter on a positive note.

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Point 11 :- Don't end with just writing your name. It's more effective if you end with an expression of love. So end the letter by writing something like "in love with you" only yours.

They are more effective in love.

Point 12 :- Don't forget to give something like peacock feather, dried flowers, net of leaves along with the love letter. It can be connected with the feelings of your heart.

Point 13 :- Now stuff the letter properly in the envelope.Put the address of your favorite person on it. Write the address on it with your hand and post it. If the person is a friend or family member, you can give it to that person yourself.

Point 14 :- Now wait for the answer with beating heart.

Point 15 :- Friends, writing love letters is not only necessary for boyfriend and girlfriend, but also for husband and wife. I know the world has become very fast, people are connected because of net, phone.. but writing love letter to your favorite person and express your feelings. Ever needed.

Point 16 :- Love, do it from the heart, do not be shy while doing so.

Point 17 :- Today, let's express our feelings of love whenever we get a chance starting now. I didn't say... then speak today... see what magic is in these 3 words of yours.

Point 18 :- Friends, wishing you all a day filled with love! For some, it takes a moment to express love, for others, every day is love.

Love Letters
How to Write Love Letter

Samples Of Love Letter

1. Expressing My Feelings


Whether I actually have this right or not is to be decided. I still call you dear. Because after this he may or may not be entitled to me. That's why dear...

I have never written such a letter before. Maybe I haven't been in love in a long time, or maybe now is the right time to send you a letter. For that reason I'm keeping in touch with you this letter.

We have known one another for the beyond four years. We have a good friendship. Unknowingly we meet each other every day, and also do SMS, net chatting. As long as we are together, a different joy touches my heart. It is equally true that I cannot now express and convey it in letters.

But today suddenly you, not me, the rain reminded you. I looked out the window, saw a couple walking by, and thought it was us. Our own love is entwined in these raindrops, supporting each other, and soaking in each other's feelings. I missed you so much that the raindrops wet my eyelids.

My mind became heavy, and I felt a strange uneasiness, I thought, now I should break all ties, quickly pick up the phone and call you to express all my feelings and tell you... I love you so much.... . came clean. I thought if you say no when I do all this....? So can I accept it?

What do you think of me? You befriended me for that you say? Why would you care so much for me?

These questions wasted my two days. And then decided, no matter what happens, tell the truth. Everything...

I did not dare to send an SMS, because it leads to less understanding but more misunderstandings. We have both experienced it. Chatting on the net is also expensive. Baba has to give an account and if he sees that money has been spent on the internet, Bab gets angry. Then the best tool is a letter. And that is why I am asking you today through this letter.

will you marry me No, not right now. Am I learning now? We will get married after I get a job. You may feel a bit weird reading all this but please understand me. If you feel angry after reading this letter, please tell me. Swear if you want, be angry with me, but don't hold Abol..

I will be able to digest your rejection once with great difficulty, but I will not tolerate your abola.

Waiting for your reply.............



Please accept me....

 2. A Letter from the Heart


I don't know if anyone writes love letters in today's world, but I thought that I could express my feelings better with words. I have never written a letter before. In this world of ours we never need to write a letter. The letter was never written, but the love letter became very distant. Mistakes will happen in this letter, smile with full heart but understand the feelings and convey your decision. Do not inform by letter, you will tell when you meet.

We have known each other for the past seven years. We have a good friendship. Unknowingly we meet each other every day, we are always in touch with each other. I hope that you understand me and I venture so much. Perhaps by reading this letter you have already understood what I mean. I love you and I would love to live with you because we like each other the way we are I think there are many things in life understanding each other is very important I always think we are really made for each other. Maybe you also feel the same way.. If you don't think so, there is no problem but think once and tell me, will you marry me? Not immediately. Am I still learning? We will get married after I get a job. You may feel a bit weird reading all this but please understand me.

If it is your refusal, I will gladly digest it, but your abola, it will not be tolerated by me.

Awaiting your me and let me know




Throughout our exploration of the art of writing love letters we have uncovered the intricacies that transform them into memorable expressions of affection. From selecting the tools to discovering just the right words we have navigated the complexities involved in pouring our emotions onto paper.

It is important to remember that love letters extend beyond relationships they possess the remarkable ability to strengthen bonds with friends and family as well. So let your heart speak freely without any reservations or hesitations.

Ultimately the enchantment of a love letter lies in its nature and its ability to convey emotions. Regardless of whether you consider yourself a poet or a simple person you now possess the knowledge required to compose a love letter that will truly touch your beloveds heart. Embrace every opportunity that arises to express love for each moment can serve as a chance to create something 

We sincerely appreciate your presence on this journey, with us. May your love letters always carry the warmth of your affection to those, to you.

With regards 
Sonu Yadav.

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