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Joining Letter or Joining Letter in English, also called offer acceptance letter or appointment letter, is an official document that an individual sends to an organization or employer, to accept a job offer and express their desire to join their organization. To convey the message. It contains written acceptance of the primary terms and other important details of the job offer. Joining letter is an important means of communication between the job client and the employer.

Joining Letter
Joining Letter

Importance of Joining Letter

Confirmation of acceptance:
The joining letter confirms that the selected candidate has accepted the job offer and is interested to join the organization, thereby maintaining clarity.


It shows the professionalism and courtesy of the employee, as it shows their ability to follow official procedures and communicate in a formal manner.

Legal Documents:
Joining letter can be considered as a legal document, as it contains the terms of the job such as designation, salary, benefits, date of joining and other related information.

Clarification and removal of confusion:
The joining letter clearly spells out the terms of the job offer and helps in eliminating any possibility of confusion, as all the information is in writing, leaving no doubt.

Human Resources Records:
The joining letter becomes part of the employee's HR department's corresponding file, which records the acceptance of the job offer.

Important rules while writing joining letter – Rules For Writing Joining Letter

1. Format and Language:
Use a formal business letter format and follow professional language throughout the letter.

2. To send a letter:
Send the letter to the appropriate person, usually the person making the job offer, such as the employer or HR manager.

3. Thankfulness:
Express gratitude for showing confidence in your skills for the position.

4. Designation and Description:
State clearly which position you are accepting and any important details related to the offer, such as salary, benefits and other terms of employment.

5. Join Date:
Specify the date on which you plan to join the organization. If in doubt about the date of joining, seek clarification.

6. Contact information:
If the employer needs to contact you for other information, provide your contact information, such as a phone number and email address, in the letter.

7. Signature:
End the letter with a formal closing (for example, "Thank you") and mark it with your signature.

8. Proofreading:
Before sending the letter, proofread it carefully and check for any grammatical mistakes, typing mistakes in phrases.

9. Timeliness:
As soon as you decide to accept the job offer, send the joining letter within the expected date.
Before sending the letter, proofread it carefully and check for any grammatical mistakes, typing mistakes in phrases.

Best Professional Format For Composing A Joining Letter

[company's name],
[company / address],
[city, state, pin code],

Subject: [Purpose of the letter]

Dear/Respected [Sir/Madam],

[In this section, you express your gratitude for the job offer and confirm acceptance of the position. Also mention any important details related to the job such as name of the post or date of joining. You can also express your enthusiasm that you look forward to being a part of the organization and contributing to its success.]

Thank you

[Sender's name],
Phone number – [sender's phone number],
Email – [sender's email address],
Date – [Current date]

Request for Clarifications

Praveen Saigal,
HR Department,
Excelent Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
123 Tech Park,
New Delhi, Delhi, 110001,

Subject: Request for clarification


I, Surbhi Gupta, as a new member of Excelent Technologies Pvt. Ltd., would like to request you for some clarification through this letter.

I have some questions about various aspects of the company and its programs and would like clarification. Please answer my following questions as soon as possible:

Provide me with information about your job-related experience and related plans for professional development.

Is there any training program for the company's employees? If yes, please provide its details also.

Provide explanations about the company's various benefits, bonus plans, and other partnership programs.

Please also tell me any other important information related to the job which may be suitable for me.

Please answer all these questions and provide them in detail with explanations.

Thank you.

Surbhi Gupta,
Phone Number – 987xxx3210,
Email –,
Date – July 27, 2023

Accepting of Job Offer – Joining Letter

school principal,
Vishwabharti Public School,
Jaipur Public School Road, Jaipur, 
Rajasthan, 302001,

Subject: Accepting a job offer

Dear Sir,

I am writing with reference to your appointment letter number: xxx23124xxx.

I, Suresh Sharma, wish to inform you through this letter with great pleasure that I accept the offer of appointment in your school and also look forward to working as a teacher in your school.
It is my good fortune that I am getting the opportunity to work as a teacher in your school. I am very eager to share my knowledge and commitment in education and ready to face new challenges in the field of education.

I will do my best to promote high standards of education in your school and will be committed to assisting students in developing their education.

Please confirm my date of joining as a teacher and what educational documents are required.

Thank you
Yours sincerely, Suresh Sharma,
phone number 987xxx3210,
Email -,
Date July 27, 2023

FAQs on Joining Letter

1. What is joining letter and what is its importance?
Joining letter is a supporting letter accepting a job offer and confirming the joining of the concerned person to the company on the desired date.

2. How to write a Joining Letter in Hindi? / How to write joining letter?
To write a Joining Letter in hindi use a formal format. Express gratitude for the job offer, clearly state your acceptance, and mention the joining date and important job details.

3. How to address the recipient in a joining letter?
Address the recipient as “Sir”, “Dear [Sir/Madam]”.

4. Can I use a formal email format for the joining letter?
Yes, a formal email format is appropriate for the joining letter.

5. Is it necessary to mention the joining date in the letter?
Yes, it is necessary to mention the joining date in the letter.

6. How to express gratitude in joining letter?
Express your gratitude for the job offer through the joining letter and thank you for the opportunity.

7. Should my contact information be included in the letter?
Yes, must provide your contact information (phone number, email).

8. Is the joining letter considered a legally binding document?
The joining letter explains the terms and conditions of employment but is not always legally binding.

9. Can I request for clarification in the joining letter?
Yes, if needed, you can request for clarification through joining letter.

10. What are some common mistakes to avoid while writing joining letter?
Common mistakes such as unprofessional style, incorrect details, lack of proofreading, and proper recipient addressing should be avoided while writing a joining letter.

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