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Leave letters are formal requests used by individuals for time off for temporary absence from work, education, or other responsibilities. They play a vital role in professional and educational institutions, helping individuals to be informed of their temporary absence and ensuring proper management during their leave. In this article, we will read about the importance of leave letters, effective tips to write them, and types of common leave letters, leave letter examples, formats and important FAQs on them.

Leave Letter
Leave Letter

1. What is leave letter?

Leave letters are formal written requests that individuals use to seek permission for a timed absence from work or study. Be it personal reason or health concern, leave letter helps in ensuring the authorized approval of their request and arrangement of proceedings during the leave.

2. Importance of Leave Letter:

Leave letter plays an important role for individuals and organization/institutions. For the individual, it provides an opportunity to recant the reason for their leave and show their professionalism and responsibility in having received the clearance. For employers or educational institutions, leave letters help in ensuring the attendance of staff or students, allocation of resources, and continuity of work during the absence of the key person.

3. Tips for Writing an Effective Leave Letter:

Be clear and concise:
State the purpose and duration of the leave clearly in your letter. Avoid ambiguous language and provide accurate dates of your absence.

Give valid reasons:
You have personal rights, but giving a timely reason for leave can make your letter positive for approval. Avoid unnecessary personal details.

Follow the rules of the organization:
Become familiar with and follow the policy or procedure set forth in your organization or educational institution for leave.

Pray in advance:
Submit your leave journal as early as possible, so that there is sufficient time to process your request and make arrangements for the leave.

Show respect for your work:
If you work at any place where there are deadlines, then take leave only after completing the outstanding work before your temporary absence. This applies to both professional/office workers as well as school going students. And you can also write this in your letter, which increases your credibility.

4. Types of General Leave Letters:

Sick Leave:
It is used by individuals who require time off absence due to illness or medical reasons.

Travel leave:
Used to request personal time off.

Maternity Leave:
This leave is taken for the care of the child for the persons who become parents.

Emergency Leave:
For urgent absence in case of unexpected calamity or urgent situation.

Best Format for Leave Letter in English

Mr. Principal Sir,
(Name of school/office),
(Address of the place).

Date – (Application date).

Subject: Application for leave due to not feeling well.


I (my name), am a student/employee of (class/post/other) of your (school/office name) and my number is (roll number/employee ID). I am writing this application to inform you that I am not feeling well at present and would like to take a few days off due to my health condition.

Since few days I have been suffering from fever and body ache, due to which I am not feeling completely healthy. Due to my high fever I am not able to fully participate in the world of acting and teaching.

Therefore, at the insistence of my ideal teachers, I am requesting you to allow me a few days of leave, so that I may soon take full recovery to develop to the highest level.

Please approve my leave and give me suggestions to stay healthy during this time.

Thank you.

Your obedient student/employee,
(Own name),
(Roll Number/Employee ID).

5 Examples of various Leave Letter in English

Letter 1: Letter for Medical Reasons (Due to Illness or Medical Appointments):

Mr. Principal Sir,
Ramgopal Vidyalaya,

Date – 5 May 2023.

Subject: Application for leave for 2 days on account of medical examination or treatment.


I am Riya Sharma, 9th class student of your school and my roll number is 90624. I am writing this application as my health condition is not good since last few days.

I am not able to concentrate in studies due to fever, cough and cold. As per the doctor's advice, I need to take rest for a few days.

Therefore, kindly allow me to take 2 days leave so that I can spend time in improving my health.

Thank you.

your obedient disciple,
Riya Sharma,
class 9th,
serial number 90624

Letter 2: Application for Personal Leave of Absence in Office

Mr. Rahul Sharma,
human resource manager,
XYZ Technologies Private Limited,
45 Park Avenue,
Bangalore, Karnataka, 560001.

Date – 20 July 2023.

Subject: Application for leave for personal reasons for 5 days.


I am Vikram Sharma, working as a Software Engineer at ABC Technologies. I am writing this application to you seeking permission for 5 days leave.

There is a family function in my family due to which I need to go to my home. I am planning to go to Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, and there all my family members are waiting to attend a special family function together. For this reason I need 5 days leave from 24th July 2023 to 28th July 2023.

I make sure that I will be back in time to complete my assignment and inform all my team members about this leave.

Kindly grant me permission for this holiday and give me an opportunity to mingle well with all the family members on this special family occasion.

Thank you.

Vikram Sharma,
software engineer,
Employee ID: 112521.

Letter 3: Application for Participating in a Sports Event at the National Level:

Mr. Principal Sir,
Saraswat Vidya Mandir,

Date – 20 June 2023.

Subject: Application for 5 days leave for participation in State level sports program.


I am Vivek Sharma, 11th class student of your school and my roll number is 110728. I am writing this application to you because a national level tournament is going to be organized in my field of sports, in which I have got the opportunity to participate.

So, I want to take leave for a few days, so that I can prepare properly for the game schedule.

Please allow me to take 5 days leave. I will be very grateful to you.

Your obedient disciple,
Vivek Sharma,
class 11th,
Serial Number 110728.

Letter 4: Application for Personal Reasons (Family Emergencies, Personal Commitments):

Mr. Principal Sir,
Gurukul Vidyalaya,

Date – 8 September 2023.

Subject: Application for 4 days leave for personal reasons.


I am Asha Sharma, 10th class student of your school and my roll number is 100234. I am writing this application to you because there has been a disaster in my family and I am facing some responsibilities related to it.

Recently a disaster has happened in my family due to which I have to go out to help the family members. I want to use this opportunity to take leave to be with my family, so that I can support them.

Please allow me to take 4 days leave.

Thank you.

your obedient disciple,
Asha Sharma,
class 10th,
Serial number 100234.

Letter 5 : Leave Application

Mr. Principal, Gauti Vidyalaya,
Mumbai |
Date – 12 July 2023

Subject: Application for leave to attend family event.

I am Aditya Sharma, a student of class 12th of your school and my roll number is 12045. I am writing this application to inform you that an important occasion is coming up in my family and I need leave for a few days for this reason.

In my family, the marriage of my uncle's daughter, my dear sister Jiya, is going to happen on 18th July 2023 in New Delhi. 

This will be an unforgettable moment for both my uncle and sister and I want to be with my family to make this occasion even more special.

Please approve my leave and give me the opportunity to enjoy this opportunity.

Thank you.
Your obedient disciple,
Aditya Sharma,
Class 12th, -
Serial No. 12045 |

Important FAQs related to Leave letter in English

1. Where to write the name and address of the recipient in the leave letter?
When writing a leave letter, it is advisable to include the recipient's full name and address at the beginning.

2. How much sick leave can I take in 1 year?
In general, the number of sick leaves you can take in a year depends on the rules of your organization or company. Some organizations have a set policy that sets limits on sick days. Therefore, you should consult the HR department of your organization to know the policy regarding the same.

3. Can I request leave for personal reasons?
Yes, you can request for leave for personal reasons. But before requesting leave follow your organization's policies and try to give proper explanation.

4. How long is maternity leave in India?
Maternity leave in India is usually 26 weeks or 182 days, which includes 8 weeks of leave before birth and 18 weeks after birth.

5. Can I attach supporting documents like medical certificate along with leave journal?
Yes, if you have supporting documents like medical certificates which corroborate your leave request, you can attach them with your leave letter.

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